Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


12. Home Alone...

"Where were you, Piper! That dance ended about 2 hours ago!" My mom said noticing I was home. I sighed and answered her question. "I went over to Marcel's, and there mom let me stay for dinner, then me and Marcel-" I was cut off. "Marcel and I." Mom corrected me. I mentally rolled my eyes, knowing I would get in trouble if I actually did. "-then 'Marcel and I' played a bored game." I explained to her. "Alright, next time call me and tell me where you are and when you will be home, understand?" Asked mother. "Yes ma'am." I said and headed upstairs.

My mom always wanted us to use manners and be polite. I am polite, but when I am at home and we don't have company, I couldn't care less about manners.

I lay in bed, utterly bored. I turned on the T.V that was on top of my dresser. Nothing I liked was on. I turned it off and took out my iPod. I went to Netflix to watch Malcolm in the Middle.

"Piper!" My mom called down. "Yes?" I asked. "Is there school tomorrow?" She asked. Well lets see. Today is Wednesday, but there was the back to school dance, why would they have it in the middle of the week? I don't know.. but if there was the dance, then the teachers would expect us to go to sleep late, but if it turned out we didn't have school tomorrow, which would be Thursday, would we have school Friday? Or do we get the rest of the week off? My brain was fried in just 2 minutes. "Yes, no.. maybe? I don't know!" I told mom. She raised an eyebrow. "You alright?" - "I think my brain just broke." I told her holding my head. "Oh. I see." She said. "Where's Chase?" I asked. "He is up in his room doing god know what." Mom explained. "Probably masturbating." I mumbled. "What was that?" Mom asked.

"Um.. I said probably... water... skating? In a video game or something..."I tried to cover up. "Mmhmm." Mom said. "Well, I am going up stairs." I said quickly leaving the downstairs. I got to my room and got in pajamas. I would ask Marcel about school if I had his number. How do I not have his number? I sighed. I brushed my teeth and hair after getting out of the shower. It was near 10:23pm. I climbed into bed and snuggled up in the covers. So cold in here...

I woke up to sunlight peaking through my window and the smell of a delicious breakfast. Yeah right... it was storming and I think mom burnt.. pancakes? I watched as the water droplets hit the window, then sliding down. It was 6:18am. Why was I up so early. But what I have always wondered, how does mom always manage to get up so early? I went down stairs and saw mom in the kitchen. "What are you doing, mom?" I asked. "Making this new breakfast that I found online. Its bacon, sausage cooked into an sunny side egg." She said. Ok.. so it wasn't burnt pancakes. "Oh, any luck?" - "Piper? Why would you even ask that? Do really think I'm an amateur at this?"


"Of course not, mom." I lied. "Here, I want you to try it." She said. Oh no... She put some on a plate and put it in front of me. I got a fork and tried it. It was surprisingly not that bad. "Wow. Good job mom." She said. "You like it?" She asked. I nodded, since I took another bite. "Yay!" She said and started to make another one, I'm guessing for herself. "So, do you want to wait at the bus stop to see if there is school today,, or do you just want to stay home?" Asked mom. "May I please stay home mom?" I asked her. "Yep! But you will be home alone since Chase is going to school and I have to work." She explained. "Alright!" I didn't care.

Oh and mom works at the post office.

I ate the rest of the food on my plate and put in the kitchen just as Chase came down the stairs. "What up sleepy head?" I said he stuck out his tongue. So I did the same.

I went into the living room again. I have nothing to do at home. o.o .........

Mom and Chase had just left and I was sitting on the couch staring into space. Well, if I am alone, then I might as well have fun while alone. I got up, grabbed my iPod, put it on iHeart Radio app, and turned it up as loud as it could go. I jumped on the couch while trying to eat a bag of chips. "If were gonna make it please you gotta let me know!" I sang along, even though I didn't really know the song. I barely heard a knock on the door. I turned down my iPod and answered the door. I wasn't aloud to when I am alone, but too late now. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi, is Piper Wyatt here?" Asked the person at the door. "Um, that's me." I answered. "Hello Ms. Wyatt... I need you to come with me."

"What? Um I don't think so." I said slamming the door, but they stopped it with there foot. They came inside, along with another person. They had sunglasses and hoodies so I couldn't really identify them. "Get out of my house." I said. "If you say so." The one guy said and picked me up. He threw me over his shoulder. "What the f*ck! Put me down dammit!" I punched and kicked. "Shut up!" They yelled. They put me in the trunk of some car. I wasn't tied up or anything. Real smart.. -_-

But I should be thankful my kidnappers are idiots. They chose the wrong car. I saw on the trunk door, a handle was glowing a green color. I smiled in relief. I pulled it and the trunk popped open. I saw they were driving, pretty fast. I held the door low, so they wouldn't see it was open, They eventually stopped at a stoplight... I'm guessing. I let go of the handle and hurried out of the trunk I didn't bother closing, but I ran off to the nearest building. It was a clothing shop. I was out of breath by the time I was inside. I walked over to an isle and sat down. Hopefully they wont noticed I escaped.

Oh, but they did. They walked into the store and asked an attendant if they had saw me. She pointed over to my direction. You know what lady? F*ck you! I now hate this store.... I got up and ran to a different place. I only saw one of the guys.. where is the other one. I saw the one guy coming closer, so I ran off again. But I bumped into some one. "I am so sorry." I said as they helped me off the ground. "Its alright." I saw the person I absolutely dreaded right now.

"Lets get back on the road, shall we?" They asked. He had a tight grip in my arm. His voice sounded familiar and they looked pretty young. I was a little relieved at their age. But that shouldn't matter. "Aye! I found her." He slightly called to his partner in crime. 'Oh god, I'm going to die. Oh god I'm going to die.' I repeated in my head. "Alright lets go." Said the other person. They looked very similar. Even though they were wearing disguises.

"You cant keep running off sis." They said as we left the building. They were trying to make it less suspicious.

I silently cried, and this time they put me in the backseat. One was driving and the other was in the backseat with me. I tensed as he put the an arm around me. I looked down and began to cry even more. "Have we scared her enough, yet?" Asked the driver. "Yeah I think so." Said the other. I looked up confused. The took off there hood, and removed their sunglasses.

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