Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


1. First Day

"Piper! Wake up!" Said my little 10 year old brother, now jumping on my bed. "Ugh!" I groaned and threw a pillow at him. "Come on! Mom said!" He kept jumping. I didn't really mind him jumping, I just wanted him to shut up. "Piper." Mom said, and Chase immediately stopped jumping. "You need to get up! Cant be late on your first day!" She said. I opened my eyes and my vision was blurry and out of focus. "Gah!" I said trying to focus my eyes. I sat up and kicked Chase out of my room. I grabbed the  outfit I sat out last night and walked to the bathroom. I threw on dark worn out skinny blue jeans, and a black t-shirt. I ran down stairs and into the kitchen. I got two waffles not bothering to put them in the toaster. "Bye mom, bye Chase!" I said walking out the door with my back pack hanging off my shoulder with one strap. I stepped on a rock and pain shot threw my foot. "How do I forget shoes?" I asked myself observing my sock covered feet. I ran back to the house. Chase and mom looked confused as I entered the door. "Forgot my shoes." I said, picking up my black Vans and running out the door to catch the bus. They weren't surprised since a lot of these things tend to happen to me.

When I got on the bus I put on my shoes. I sat my bag next to me and put my legs over it. Putting in my ear phones, I put one of my playlists on shuffle. The bus pulled up to the school and one by one people got off. I looked around the campus trying to find the office. I sighed as I failed. The bell rang and I saw people heading towards the doors. I followed them, so maybe I could find the office.

Luckily I did! I got my schedule and headed to first period. I constantly paced through the hallways trying to find the class. I passed one door and noticed it was my class. I backed up and opened the door. Most of the students were there. I nervously walked over to whatever seat that was opened. Soon after I sat down, the class door busted open and in walked, what I'm guess, the teacher. I heard some students cheer "yes." "Hello class, I'm Mr. Brown... the most fun teacher here, for those who are new." Ah, that explains it. "I know, I know... it's the first day off school, but I must put out a project." Some of the students groaned. "Sucks... I know. But here are your partners." He named most of the kids, but I never heard my name. I walked up to his desk after he sat down.

"Excuse me, sir?" I got his attention. "I'm Piper, a new student, and I noticed my name was never called." I told him. "Ha, yes, hold on a quick second." He said. He then stood up. "If you do not have a partner, please raise your hand." He said. A few seconds later, a guy with the basic nerd look raised his hand. "Well, there you go!" He said and sat down. "Um, thanks." I said walking over towards the guy.

"Hi!" I said to him. "Um. Hi." He shyly replied. "So, what's your name?" I asked him. "Marcel." He stated. "Nice to meet you, Marcel! I'm Piper." I stuck out my hand. He hesitated to grab it. "Nice to meet you to!" He said. I smiled. "I bet we will be great friends!" I told him! He smiled and we got started one the project.


Gahhhh I know. SUPER boring first chapter! But it gets better! I promise. Well, I hope! Likes, comments, and favorites are greatly appreciated! Love you guys!

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