Give Me a Chance

If only he knew that some one out there actually had feelings for him. But he is too caught up with someone who will never like him, to notice that Piper is head over heals for the one and only, Marcel.


8. Back 2 School Dance

Edward pulled up to the school parking lot, and we waited for Marcel and that one chick. >:3

I decided to make a conversation. "So, why don't I see you around school?" - "I don't go to school, I'm a drop out." - "Oh." I wasn't sure what else to say. I didn't want to say something that will get him mad, sad, or annoyed. "So, tell me about yourself." He said, facing me. "Like what about my self?" - "I dunno, anything." - "Um, I live with my little brother, Chase, and my mom, Kendra. I'm 17. Uh.. we moved around a lot...... now what do I say?" I looked over to him. "What about your dad?" He asked... my dad. "I'd love to tell you, but I don't know him." - "Oh, sorry to bring him up." - "Its alright, don't worry about it." I smiled and noticed Marcel and... her, were here. Yes, as you can see. I'm the jealous type.

"Hey, they're here!" I told him. He turned around to see them. "Well, lets go, shall we?" He said and we opened our doors. "Sit back down!" He said. I sat back down in the car. He shut the door, waited a few seconds, then opened it. "What was that about?" I asked. "A gentleman opens the door for a lady!" He said. I laughed a bit and shook my head. "Alright, thanks Mr. Gentleman." I said to him. We both laughed and made our way over to Marcel. "Hey! There you are!" Marcel said with his arm around Ashley. I smiled nicely at her but on the inside, I was attempting to burn holes through her 50 pounds of make up.

"Oh! Edward, you're here to! Long time no see, huh!" She said walking up to him. "Hey, Ashley. Still a whore I see." Her smile dropped. I high fived Edward but then I remembered Marcel was watching. Oh sh*t..... He looked at me weirdly and I just put my head down, to avoid eye contact.

"Lets get going then." I heard Ashley say. I looked up to see if Marcel had the same look on his face. He did. I put my head back down and grabbed on to Edward's arm, so I didn't run into anything. I let go when we got inside and Marcel wasn't looking at me anymore.

Edward and I went to get a drink. I sighed. "You ok?" He asked. "Yeah... sort of.... no." I finally said. "You like him, don't you? My brother?" I looked at him. "Yeah... but please don't tell him. I don't want him to know yet." I said. "Well, if you keep this a secret any longer, he is going to be with Ashley, she will break his heart, then he will shut everyone out. Even you." He explained, while taking a sip of his drink. "I guess your right. But how do I tell him? Where? How?" I started to get nervous. "Ashley is going to tell him that's she's going to the bathroom, when really she is going to go make out with Josh. When she leaves he will be alone. Talk to him then." - "You know Ashley pretty well, it seems." - "Yeah, we dated for.." He counter his fingers. "...4 days." - "That's probably the shortest relationship with someone that I've heard of." I said. "Eh, she wasn't really a good kisser." - "Oh my god." I shook my head. "What?" He asked. "You." I laughed.

"Look, she's leaving. Now's your chance. Go get him." - "Thanks Edward." - "No problem. Oh, and if you need me I'll be flirting with that brown haired girl over there!" He said as we both walked off. I shook my head once again. I walked over to Marcel who was just standing there slightly swaying.

"Marcel?" I asked. He looked over to me. He had a smile but it faded. "Oh, hey Piper." - "What's up?" I asked him. "Nothing. Just waiting for my date." He said looking around. He had to say date. "Oh." I said. "So, why did you high five Edward when he called her a whore?" He asked. Gah... "Um, cause.. uh.. well.." I stuttered. "Well? Spit it out!" He said calmly. "She - Look at her!" Was all that came up. "She looks fine." He shrugged his shoulders. I put on a fake smile. "Of course she does." I said with very little sarcasm so I didn't get him even more upset.

"So, what up with you? You've been acting strange." He said. I took seat at the nearest table, with Marcel following. "Well, I may or may not be the jealous type." I twiddled with my thumbs. "So...?" He asked. "I'm a little jealous... or a lot." I got quieter with every word. "Why would you be jealous?" He asked, as he leaned back in the chair. "Cseaslyhsurhart" I mumbled. "What?" I took a deep breath. "Cause Ashley has your heart." I looked up to see Marcel looking at me with a blank expression. "Y-you like me?" He asked. I nodded. He looked so surprised. "And your jealous, of Ashley?" I nodded again. "Oh." He said. Ashley came back shortly. "Hey Marcel... and Piper." She said. "Hey!" Marcel said and wrapped his arm around her. She sat in his lap. He looked as surprised as I did. Is she purposely doing this, just to get a rise out of me. "What up, Ashley?" He asked.

Serious deja vu right now... "Oh nothing. It's just, I've been dying to kiss those lips all night." She said. KILL! ME! NOW! They leaned in and kissed. *Crack* Oh you heard that to? Its no biggy, its only my heart. "Hey!" Some one yelled from the back. Honestly I didn't care right now. I just wanted to make sure no tears escape. Oh, and to kill Ashley... that to.

"I told you to stay away from Ashley. What part of that don't you understand?" Said Josh. "Sorry, I-" Josh cut him off. He continually walked towards Marcel, causing him to walk backwards. "If you ever look at her, touch her, or even think about her. I will kill you." He said. I looked over to Ashley who was smirking. "Your a b*tch!" I yelled at her. The room went silent. "You only talked to Marcel in the first place cause he didn't look like a nerd. And I bet the only reason you went with him tonight, was because you were hoping to get some, break his heart, then watch as the dickhead here beat his arse." She stood frozen. "I hate people like you, and your friend here. But especially you." - "Well, your not so loved either." She said. "Well at least I'm real and don't need 50 pounds of make up just to feel better about myself." - "Whatever, your just a lonely loser who will never be loved... by anyone." She was up in my face.

I cant take it anymore. I must sin! I tackled her to the floor throwing punches where ever my fists landed. "Agh! Get off me!" She cried. "Why? I'm sure your used to this much weight on top anyways." I just basically called her a slut... again. "Ugh!" She finally decided to fight back but before I could do anything else, Edward had picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and exited the building along with Marcel, and this one girl. "Dammit Edward! Put me down! I need to rip off her head!" I punched his back and kicked my legs. I could tell he was struggling a bit to hold on.

He placed me in the back seat of Marcel's car and got in his own. Along with the one girl that he said he would flirt with. I banged on the windows screaming and yanking on the locked door handle. "Open this damn door!" I yelled but they had drove off. "Ugh!" I finally calmed down and saw Marcel getting in the drivers seat. He turned on the car and looked back at me. "Are you calm?" He asked. I took a few deep breaths. "Yeah." I said softly. He got out of the drivers seat and came into the back with me. "Are you ok?" He asked, cautiously shutting the door. "My hand kinda hurts." I told him. There were a few cuts. "Here," He said and took my fist. He placed a soft kiss on it. "Better?" He asked. "Yeah... but my lips kinda hurt to, maybe if you ki-" I was cut off. Not with words, but what I was dying for, for a what seemed like forever, but was only two days.

He kissed me..... HE KISSED ME! I kissed back, and I couldn't help but smile. We pulled apart. "I - uh - um.. you.. we.. wow." I said. I was speechless.


Awww! Did you guys like? I hope so! Love you guys<3

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