Kidnapped ~ Harry Styles Love Story ~

[The boys are not famous in this but I will make sure to add them all in!] Harry and Alice send letters back and forth, just because Alice got bored one day and decided to choose a random address to send a letter to. What will happen when they finally meet in person for the first time?


2. Chapter One

~ Alice's POV ~

           I sit at my desk, writing a letter to anyone random. I don't know why, but I thought it would be a good idea just to write a letter to a random address. You never know who who you could find. I run my long, slim fingers through my long, blonde hair and pick up my pen, laying my piece of paper out in front of me as I begin to write..



So I decided to write this letter to anyone random, I don't know who you are, but I'm not going to give you my name yet. I'm 17 years old in my Senior year of high school. My hair is long and blonde, I usually keep it in braids. I love animals and I live with my aunt and uncle. Tell me about yourself? What's your name? 




           I sigh and fold up the letter, putting it in an envelope. Hopefully I get someone around my age and is willing to write back. Though I don't expect to get any letters back. But maybe I will. I write all the information on the envelope before I stand up and grab a pair of clothes from my dresser. It's pretty early in the morning, about 9:00. Good thing it's Saturday so I don't have school. I slip on a pair of short, rainbow shorts as well as a black tank top. I slide on white socks and a pair of red Vans. I stretch and yawn softly, brushing through my hair and straighten it, grab my penny board, and walk out my door.


        I throw my penny board on the ground and step on, skating off towards the post office. I put the envelope in one of the boxes for it to be sent and head back home. Now I just have to wait for a response.


A/N: Sorry this chapter isn't that good, I'm not used to writing on this website since this is my first story I'm writing on here

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