We Found Hate In A Hopeless Place *Completed*

*Completed* Jenni is new to a school and doesn't know how to fit in... EVER. She tries to fit in but she seems to always do something wrong :/ One day she bumped into a guy, Kurt, who was just a jerk. She soon makes a few friends... To find out more you going to have to read it :)


11. The Fight

The Fight

Parker walks into my room.

"I need to talk to you..." He says sitting beside me.

"Okay." I whisper.

"Kurt says he likes you."

"Okay. I know." I whisper.

"Well, Gena told me that you kissed him." I sit up.

"Well I didn't. I promise." I say.

"Well, I believe you now... But when she told me," He sighs, "I was upset and, I hooked up with Hannah." Tears start to fill my eyes.

"Are you kidding!" I yell as loud as I can.


"This isn't funny! Tell me you're lying!"

"I'm not... I'm sorry."

"No! You're not forgiven!"

"Why not!? I made a mistake."

"Yeah I made a mistake trusting you!"

"Gosh I'm sorry."

"Get out! I don't want you here!"


"Dad!" I yell as loud as I can. My dad comes in. He see's me crying and Parker filled with anger.

"Get out of my house." My dad tells Parker. He looks at the two of us, then he walked out. I hug him crying.

Parker's POV

I made a mistake... Why didn't sh- Wait. She said it was a mistake trusting me. I get a call, it's Gena.

"Hello?" I say.

"Big fight?" Gena says.

"I'm ready to tell you." I say.


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