We Found Hate In A Hopeless Place *Completed*

*Completed* Jenni is new to a school and doesn't know how to fit in... EVER. She tries to fit in but she seems to always do something wrong :/ One day she bumped into a guy, Kurt, who was just a jerk. She soon makes a few friends... To find out more you going to have to read it :)


12. I Can't...

I Can't...

I walk into school and I walk to my locker. I picture fell out. I pick it up...

"Oh my gosh..." I whisper. It was one of the nude photos I sent. I see the rest of them. On the back of the last one it says, No use in throwing them out, copies in every locker >:) I look up and I see people looking at laughing.

"Nice job Jenni." One of the boys says walking past me and winking.

I run out of the school as fast as I can. I run into my house and into my dads arms.

"What's wrong?" My dad asks running his fingers through my hair.

"They found them!" I say crying.

"Who found what?"

"Someone I don't know who found the pictures daddy! I can't go back, I just can't!" He calls my mom as I cry into his shoulder. I stop hugging him and I run into the bathroom. I run out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. I grab a knife.

I cut myself, five cuts on each wrist.

Then I run into the laundry room. I look all over then I find it, bleach.

I grab the bleach and the knife, then a bottle of pills.

I run into my room and I lock my door.

My dad runs to my room and bangs on my door.

"Jenni! Come out here!" I don't answer.

I cut myself along my stomach one last time.

This is it. I'm done.

I grab the pill bottle, I struggle to get it open.

"Jenni! Unlock the door!" I fight it, then the lid flies off, and the pills fly all over the  floor, a few roll out the door, "Jenni! What are you doing with pills!?" I hear him call someone.

I try to listen as I'm picking up the pills. I get them all picked up and I swallow ten.

I started thinking of getting out, I shouldn't do this. I was about to open the door when I hear, "Jenni please open up! It's me Parker." I bang against the door.

"I hate you Parker! I hate you! You were the only one I truly trusted and you told! I hate you!" I start crying.

"Well then say it to my face." Parker says.

"No. I have to do something." I say. I pull out a piece of paper.

This is it. I'm done. I had a few bad mistakes that will haunt me forever. I moved here thinking they would go away, but they didn't. I trusted some of you guys, you broke that trust. I hurts for me to do this, I have eleven cuts, nine scars. I already took the pills so I'm getting closer to death as I'm writing. Now all I have to do is drink the bleach and it all be over. I'm sorry to the one that I loved, and the few who really loved me... This is goodbye... Forever.


I sign my name at the bottom. I take a drink of the bleach, then another. Then I fell to the ground.

Parker's POV

"Jenni?" I said putting my ear against the door, "Jenni!" I start banging the door. I take a few steps back, then I kick the door down. I find her note, then I see her. Then bleach is pouring all over her.

"Call an ambulance fast!" I pick her up not fixing the bottle of bleach, I feel her forehead, dang it hot. I check her heartbeat, "She's still got a heartbeat, but it's very slow." I soon realize that her blood from her cutting herself were still new and they seemed to be very deep. Her blood is getting all over my nice new white shirt.

I hear the ambulance get here. I run outside holding her.

One of the guys puts his index finger to her wrist then to her neck, "We have a losing heartbeat." They take her into the ambulance. Her dad goes in it.

One of the guys turned to me, "You coming?" I nod. I wasn't family but I'll pretend.

We get in it and they start speeding.

"She cut herself pretty deep, really deep on her stomach." The girl says.

"She cut herself then took a lot of pill and drank almost all the bleach." I say biting my lip.

"Dang that's a lot." The man says.

"It's okay we can do this." The other girl says.

They start working on her cuts as we arrive to the hospital.

Gosh I hope she doesn't die.

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