We Found Hate In A Hopeless Place *Completed*

*Completed* Jenni is new to a school and doesn't know how to fit in... EVER. She tries to fit in but she seems to always do something wrong :/ One day she bumped into a guy, Kurt, who was just a jerk. She soon makes a few friends... To find out more you going to have to read it :)


2. Have You Ever Noticed His Eyes?

Have You Ever Noticed His Eyes?

I sit in class. Parker and Gena sit beside me.

"Hi." Parker says. I wave. I look around the classroom and then my eyes lock with that jerk that tripped me.

"Oh you making eyes for Kurt?" Gena says teasingly. I shake my head and look away.

Wow he has awesome eyes. He has a cute smile. He has cut hair. He has cu- Wait... Stop. This can't be happening. I am a loser. No one will ever like me and I'm fine with that. I just want to get out of this dumb school as soon as possible.

"Well if you were don't waste your time he's taken." Parker says. I shrug.

"I'm not here to make friends anyways." I whisper.

"Yeah boyfriends are so not worth it." Gena says. I think she thought I said boyfriends. I stand up to ask the teacher about the paper he left on our desks and, I was tripped.  If I had a penny for every time I have been tripped I'd be rich. I stand up and shake it off and walk up to the teacher.

"What are we supposed to do?" I whisper.

"How about you talk louder next time." Someone says.

"It's just algebra. You also have to use PEMDAS for it." I look at the paper 7*(97-78)+4^6= A 45-8*4^9= x so what's x*y? Wow I do not understand... Okay. I sit down and put down a random answer. 34.

Parker, he's cool. Everyone likes Parker. He said he's never been tripped until today. He got up to get a paper and then Kurt tripped him.

"Nice job hanging with a bunch of losers." Kurt whispers.

"Hey man what's your deal?" Parker says.

"You are." Parker stood up and pushed him on the ground. Then they started fighting. Oh god I hope he doesn't give Kurt a black eye! I love his eyes! I run over and I pull them apart. The teacher thanks me and takes them down to the principal.

I sit back down. A guy walks over to me.

"Kurt didn't need help." He says. I shrug.

"I know I just didn't want to see Parker get hurt he's my friend." I say.

"Wow you can do more than yelling and whispering." I nod.

"My name is Cody. I think you and Kurt would be perfect together. Do you want to go out with him." I shake my head no.

"Sorry Cody. Not until he asks me to my face will I ever date a guy like him." I look back down.

"You know I was told why you had to move. I know that shy girl thing is an act." Cody says. How does he know...

"Then what? I moved because of my dad's job."  I say.

"Because you s-" Then the bell rang.

"Sorry I have to go." I stand up and walk out the door.

Cody runs beside me.

"I know what you did."

"I didn't do anything." I whisper.

"Stop acting shy I know you aren't shy." Cody says.

"Okay! How about you get out of my face for two seconds so I can walk to my locker in peace!" I yell. He steps away. I see Kurt and Parker.

Kurt got a bloody nose and a fat lip. Parker got a busted lip and a black eye. They were talking like best friends again.

"Hey Jenni." They say at the same time. I wave. I grab my books out of my locker and Cody came behind me.

"I heard you moved because yo-"

"I said give me some space please." I whisper. I walk past him fast. I couldn't hear what he had to say.

I didn't move because my dad's job. I moved because I had to. I couldn't stay at my old school. Not after what happened.

And I did not come to this school to hear about my past.

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