We Found Hate In A Hopeless Place *Completed*

*Completed* Jenni is new to a school and doesn't know how to fit in... EVER. She tries to fit in but she seems to always do something wrong :/ One day she bumped into a guy, Kurt, who was just a jerk. She soon makes a few friends... To find out more you going to have to read it :)


4. Cool Turns Uncool

Cool Turns Uncool

I walk down the hallway and I walk up to Hannah.

"Hey Hannah." I say.

"Ew, why are you talking to me?" She asks.

"I thought we were friends." I say.

"Not until I knew you were friends with Gena. And you had a baby." I walk away, but as I'm walking she trips me.

I walk into the classroom and Kurt trips me as I'm walking in.

"I think I heard her stretch marks hit the ground before she did!" Kurt yells laughing. I stand up and I walk to my seat. Parker sits by me.

Parker's POV

I hate how they pick on her. She's perfect. She's looking at Kurt will love filled eyes.

Gosh... He was just making fun of her and she's still falling for him. I write a note and I pass it to her.

Parker~ You Okay?

Jenni~ Yeah... I guess...

Parker~ You Want To Come To My House After School To Talk About It?

Jenni~ I think that I would like that :)

I smile.

After class Kurt walks up to Jenni.

"Hey Jenni. You should go on a date with me after school." Kurt says. She smiles and nods.

"Okay." She whispers.

"Wear something sexy and I'll pick you up." He walks away. She follows.

After school I run up to her.

"What the hell?" I ask.


"We had plans!" I say.

"Sorry. I just want to know what he knows about me moving." She starts walking fast but I catch up.

"Jenni!" I yell. She turns around, "Why do you like him?" I ask.

"I don't... I'm not here to get a boyfriend... I'm here to learn.." She walks away fast. I don't follow.

I go home and I call Gena.

"What did she say while you had her over?" She asks.

"I don't like this. I kinda like her." I say.

"Parker! You know what she's done and you like her!?" Gena yells.

"Kinda." I whisper.

"We had a plan!" Gena yells.

"I'm sorry." I hang up.

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