Loving a Nerd

Zoe Williams is an 18 year old girl who's dad has forced her to move from the U.S. to Ireland because of his new job. Once she gets there she automatically makes new friends and starts crushing hard. But she's not crushing on your regular guy with the perfect abs and face. She's crushing on the school nerd. Will her friends talk her into liking another, or will she find love with the nerd?


4. Chapter 4

Zoe's POV

Marcel? A player? I couldn't see it. He was so sweet and funny! But maybe Leigh-Anne's right, that might be how he reels you in.

"Zoe! Aren't you gonna answer us?" a boy with curly brown hair and the same emerald eyes Marcel asked breaking my thoughts.

"Huh what? Oh sorry." I could feel myself blushing. Everyone laughed. A boy with a small brown quiff and chocolate brown eyes rubbed my back trying to comfort me. I just slouched down in my seat like I used to at my school when I got teased.

"Oh don't be sad love. We're only kidding with ya. Here lets introduce ourselves. I'm Harry, that's Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, his girlfriend Kinlie, and you already met Leigh-Anne." Harry said.

"Hi." I simply said. I'm not much of a conversationalist. I lied my head down on the table. Finally after an endless line of questions I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my tray, threw the stuff away and went to sit with Marcel.

"Zoe? What are you doing? Why did you leave their table?" Marcel asked.

"Okay, for some reason I feel like I can tell you anything and not just bottle everything up like I usually would. So I was just trying to keep to myself over there but it didn't seem to be working, seeing that they can ask an endless amount of questions and are ANNOYING!!!!!! God I never knew I could dislike poopulars so much!"

"Uh, don't you mean populars?"

"Didn't I say that?" I smiled at Marcel and he laughed. "So uh, Marcel. Not meaning to be a stalker or creeper or anything, but uh... Leigh-Anne told me that you were a playe-" he cut me off.

"Player in disguise I know. She tells that to all the people I make friends with. I mean if you are my friend of course." I couldn't help but hug him, "Of course I'm your friend Marc!" "Oh. Good, Heh, so i was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house later. Or I could come pick you up. Or I could have my brother drive us. Or we could walk. Or not go at all, that's fine too." we both pulled away "You are too adorable Marc. I'd love to walk home with you. I'll just have to text my dad." "Oh. Okay!" Marcel squeaked. Pulled out my phone.

To: Mr. Dad (don't judge that is actually my dad's caller I.D.)

Hey dad can I walk home with a friend today? I promise I'll b back by dinner. If not I'll text you.

From: Mr. Dad\

Yeah honey that's fine. I'll see you when you get home.

"Sweet! He said I could go!"

"Fabulous! I mean cool." I laughed. This is gonna be wicked!


sorry if this isn't much of a chapter but it hold valuable info that will need to be used later on in the story... i think. Well love you potatoes!!! Yeah that's right, u b my potatoes. Deal with it!

Fangirl and luv Best Song Ever!!!

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