Why Are You My Clarity?

After all the terrible events that happened in her life, Lindsey meets Niall, the boy who has always lived next door, but never came outside.


4. Gone, Gone, Gone

Lindsey packed the last of her things as she folded her arms and walked out to her balcony.  "Hey you slowpoke, are you finished over there?" she called over to his open balcony door, giggling to herself.  Niall appeared from the door, a grin on his face, "I have a lot of things to pack! What about you?" he asked, leaning on the balcony rail.  "Just finished packing, I don't really have much," she smiled.  "Just finished packing what?" asked a dark voice from behind her.  Lindsey turned slowly to find her father, his suitcase in hand and his jacket in the other.  "Where do you think you're going?" he asked, dropping his bag and walking closer, backhanding her.  Lindsey fell to the ground, "I'm not staying here anymore! Not with you!" she screamed, favoring her cheek.  He grabbed her by her dirty blonde hair and pulled her up, "And where do you think you'll stay?  No one would want a vile brat like you! You have no where else to go," he yelled, wrapping his hand around her throat.  "Get your fucking hands off of her!" yelled Niall, entering her bedroom in a full run and barreling into Lindsey's father.  Lindsey stood up, watching as Niall pounced on her father, his fists hurtling at his face.  Suddenly he stopped and pulled out a gun, placing it next to his temple, "Lindsey will be leaving with me, whether you approve or not.  And if you lay another hand on her on our way out, I will pull the god damn trigger," Niall warned.  "Lindsey, grab your things..now!" Niall ordered, getting up slowly and keeping his aim on her father.  Lindsey shuddered as she started to grab boxes and walk out the door before she stopped.  She turned around and looked to Niall, grabbing the gun from his hands and moving forward, pushing the gun to his cheek, "You will not try to come find me.  You will not tell anyone I left.  I never existed, do you hear me?  If I hear from you ever again, I swear to god I will kill you," she threatened, puling back the trigger and aiming down, shooting his foot and handing the gun back to Niall.  


Niall smiled as he looked down at Lindsey, fast asleep in the passenger seat.  He brushed back her hair and continued driving, keeping his eyes on the road.  Lindsey shrugged, pulling up her sweater and groggily opened her eyes, "We there yet?" she asked.  Niall chuckled, "Almost.  Hungry? Wanna stop for some coffee?" he asked, pulling into a Starbucks and parking in the lot.  She sat up and got out of the car, following Niall into the cafe and grabbing a chair.  "What would you like?" Niall asked, taking out his wallet and grabbing his card.  "Umm a pumpkin spice latte? Grande?" Lindsey asked, twisting her thumbs between her sweater, "I don't have the money to pay you back Niall..." she whispered.  Niall chuckled and kissed her forehead, "No need to pay me back love, just relax.  I'll be right back," he grinned, walking to the line and ordering their drinks.  Lindsey sighed as she scanned the room, noticing that the television had changed to the news, and there was her picture, shining brightly on the screen.  Across her picture were the words "Endangered Runaway" with her father's number across the bottom.  "Lindsey?  What the fuck?" Niall asked, putting her drink down on the table and sitting down, watching the tv intently.  There her father's face flashed on the screen, his glasses askew and his face bruised, "She's certifiably insane, she needs her medication.  That's why I'm asking her to come home or be brought home before she endangers anyone else," he lied, his fake sobs causing the interviewer to lend an arm around him.  "Niall....Niall we can't be here, we gotta go," she warned, getting up as the other customers looked to her and started to whisper.  Niall nodded, grabbing their coffees and fleeing the coffee shop.  They immediately got into the car and began to drive, not caring how fast they were going, or who had seen them.  They needed to be gone.

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