His eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"But your hers" I said looking at the floor.He moved my head up and pulled me close,"No,I'm yours."


5. Me

I'm not going to talk to him ever again I just cant trust him he's one of them boys who play with your heart and watch it shatter into 1 million little pieces.All I wanted to do today was sit and sleep,that wasn't going to happen my mums a lawyer and she has a case a few hours away so I have to go with her no one can look after me. The rest of my family live the other side of the country and my dad is dead different isn't it normally the mum's dead but no this is no story this is unfortunately my life.I stepped into our grey car and we began to drive.Mum told me we were going to the place dad had been berried coincidence right? We walked through the shop and picked up some beautiful red roes.We got back in the car and mum sped to check into the hotel on time.When we got there it was amazing.

The hotel was a small cottage in the country side.There was a flower bed with all different types of flowers making the house seem newer.The cottage was painted bright white and had a wooden door with an old knocker on it.Inside there were two bedroom on the bottom floor and two on the top.There was a huge kitchen with the smell of fresh bread being made.I dragged my bag up the stairs then entered my room.It had a single be with a white blanket with flowers embroidered in the bottom.There was a mirror on top of a dresser with draws that you can put anything in.I unpacked my stuff then fell onto the bed.The mattress was comfier than the one at home I felt like i could fall asleep right there,but I couldn't. Mum wanted to go and see dads grave and put the flowers on it,I guess i wanted to as well but I really couldn't be bothered but of course mum made me.

We walked to the grave yard because it wasn't that far.I held the flowers close to my chest and when we got there uttered a few words to him I lay the flowers in the middle and then walked away while mum said some personal stuff to him.A|ll I heard was 

"I wish you were here"my mum had said.

And the words"I wish you were too."slipped out .

A tear fell from my eye,quickly i wiped it away and began to walk back to my room I just needed to have a long nap for hmmmm,forever,yeah that sounds good.

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