His eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"But your hers" I said looking at the floor.He moved my head up and pulled me close,"No,I'm yours."


3. Clock

The time could be 10 to 11 12 to 2 I don't care all I can do is stare at the patterns and the similar hands,it's really sentimental.I don't usually sleep during the day,but this night had been partially hard.My head had been banging  so I couldn't of slept for more than an hour.So I decided to have a rest.I knew I heard the door slam.I looked up at the clock, exactly the same time he left me in the hospital,was this meant to mean something? I didn't know.I didn't have time to have a second look at him because in a flash he was leaning over me.

"Hey" he whispered.

I didn't reply.

He lightly tapped my shoulders.I pulled the blanket over my head.

"I ended things with my girlfriend,"he sat down,"Because," he came closer,"I love you"

He snatched the blanket from me and pressed his lips onto mine I felt the butterfly's again.

"Now try telling me you don't love me." he said starring into my eyes.

I sat up,"I do love you" and before i could say anything else he lifted me off the bed and into his arms.

I peered over at the clock,enough time to spend the day with Jake.

He carried me down the stairs and lay me on the sofa.He knelt down and rapped his arms around me his grasp made me feel like the only person in the world just me and him.He moved his hands down to my waist and started kissing me,I kissed him back.I closed my eyes and pulled away.I smiled and he did the same back.I held him close and kissed him again.

He dragged me down to the park you had to go through all the aleys that were dark and frightening finally we got to the park.I pretended to leap because I couldn't,if i did i'd probably break my leg more.We went into the park and there was my ex.

He was seriously bad news eventually i figured that out.He eyed me then wolf whistled along with all of his friends. They all laughed and then began coming closer to me.

"Long time no see" he said coming even closer to me.

I mumbled something even I didn't understand.

"You see this thing right here" he said pointing at his heart,"You broke it,so now more than you heart will be broken.He through his fist at me I pressed my eyes shut but nothing happened.I opened them to find Jake and Bob (my ex) fighting brutally.

"STOP" I screamed trying to pull them apart.

They had made there way up to a ramp now and continued to fight.

"STOP!" i screeched. 

"Get out of my business" he said an gave me a shove.

I went toppling off the ramp.Jake and Bob's faces in shock and horror.I could clearly see I was close to the ground when I was stopped mid-air.I looked up to find Jake sighing with relief.He carefully put me down and handed me my crutches.We decided to go before we got into anymore trouble.

On our way back I looked down and noticed heaps of blood on Jake's hand.

"Gosh your hands bleeding" i said shocked.

"I know it's just a cut ok it'll be fine,but thanks for worrying" he said thankfully

"Hey I would worry if it was a spot that was bleeding" i said smiling.

We both laughed  and made our way home.Outside my door he kissed me on the cheek and waved goodbye.I watched his car whiz off .

i sat in my room on my laptop and logged onto facebook someone had posted something on my page.It was my best friend (a girl)

So much for Jake going out with you,click the link

I clicked it terrified about what I was going to see.

I saw his apparently ex girlfriends update.

Can't wait to hang out with my boo love you soooooo much-with Jake L.

My face burned with anger and my heart split in to as I read it then I read the comment from him which was posted today.

Me either love you xxxx

I had officially died inside.

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