The good, the bad and the dirty

She was the good girl. He was the bad boy. She worked her butt off to get money. He got money easily. She was an open book. He was mysterious.

Sophie was the type of girl who was average. Not all the special. Not one that everyone wanted. Long, Brown, Wavy hair and big, brown eyes. She played football for her local team, and was determined to go pro. She had a confusing background but still made sure everyone around her was happy.

Ashton (Ash) was every girls dream. Tall, bright blue eyes, long shaggy blonde hair, looks like a surfer. He was a total player back in his school years. He'd had a rough time after he left school. Not many people knew about this, and if they did they were in his business. He was the mysterious guy who would intimidate you instantly. The type of person who you would back down to if in a fight.


2. meetings

Intoxicated bodies danced to the music against eachother as the bright lights flashed different colours from the ceiling. The smell of sweat and alcohol filled my nose as I took my place behind the bar, tying a bow into the back of my apron. Zeke had taken his place at the Dj booth across the dance floor. The night consisted of drunken men and women ordering more alcohol and the constant clearing of puke. I would never miss this when I left. 

"Hey sweet cheeks, throw me a double vodka shot!" Some guy demanded from across the bar. I roll my eyes and sigh before pouring a double for him. As soon as I set the shot infront of him I see his eyes travel to my chest. I pound my fist to the counter, causing a loud bang and catch his attention.

"My eyes are up here, now fuck off and find some other girl to perv on." I'm not going to lie, I'm in a bad mood and I can't wait to finish my shift at 10. Only 2 more hours left. I sigh audibly and wish for this night to be over. I look across the dance floor to see if I can see Zeke but I'm disappointed easily as all I see is bodies grinding against each other to the heavy beat, and couples shoving their tongues down each other's throats without a care in the world. I down a bottle of water quickly before turning back round to face the many alcohol bottles which are pinned up on the wall behind the bar. "ffiveee shootttts pweaseeeee," I hear someone slur behind me. This could be a very long night!!


As I undo my apron quickly I say hey to Lindsey who is taking over from my shift ready for the long night ahead. As soon as I have hung my apron up on the broken hooks under the bar I escape. I clamber through the sweaty bodies and dodge the sick on the floor and make my way over to Zeke who's still in the Dj box. He smiles as he sees me and I jump up so I'm stood balancing on the wood surrounding the box. "Hey, how was your shift?"

"A nightmare as always. Who doesn't enjoy drunk guys chatting them up, girls with their cleavage hanging out on show for every moving thing and people constantly yelling at them?" Note the sarcasm. This is my answer every time he asks me and I'm sure he doesn't even need to ask me anymore, as he's heared it a million times before. He hands me a bag from inside the Dj box and I kiss his cheek quickly before scampering back through the sweaty bodies, trying insanely hard to dodge the arms reaching out trying to grab me so some drunk person could grind on me. As soon as I get to the door to lead me to the office I slip in and change into some cleans clothes as my 'work' clothes were sweaty and smelt of alcohol and puke, and I felt dirty in them. After sorting my hair and makeup out and changed into some high wasted shorts and a bandeau I exit and head towards Zeke again, dumping my bag in the Dj box. Normally I'd go home but tonight felt different. I'd felt a pair of eyes on me all night and I couldn't shake the feeling! It was horrible! I was determined to figure out who's the creep. I stalk towards the packed bar, feeling slightly sorry for Lindsey, and sit at a vacant bar stool. A creepy guy, with a beard, turned round to face me and gave me a grin. He was drunk. I smiled politely back but kept my guard up, knowing too well what could happen if I put it down. I've worked here long enough to know I don't want to get involved in a fight with drunk people. "A double and whatever this hottie wants," I turn and come face to face with a good looking male. He had shaggy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, his ear pierced and I'm sure I could see a few tattoos. He didn't scare me though, infact he did quite the opposite, he made me want to know more. I smiled weakly and asked for a water, knowing I didn't want alcohol. As soon as I have a glass of water in my hand I turn around and face the mass of people, keeping my guard up, I rake my eyes across the many people who are grinding against each other. "Wanna dance?" I turn around and come face to face with the boy who bought me my drink. His blue eyes seemed to be a little darker but they were still intriguing, I felt captivated by them. I shake my head, hoping he took it politely. "Well then let me get you another drink, maybe something with alcohol in this time!" I don't know why but I agree and let him buy me a shot of vodka. After drinking it in one, I smile and tell him politely that I have to go. I get up from the bar stool, aware of all the eyes raking my body, and make my way through the many bodies in the club. I dodge the many hands which try to grab me and hurry towards the door. As soon as I exit the club a gust of fresh air hits me, making me realise how stuffy the nightclub was. "Where'd ya think your going? Think you can get away from me that quickly huh?" I turn around quickly and gasp. I didn't realise he'd followed me out the club. "Didn't expect me to realise you'd left huh?" I shake my head to clear my thoughts.

"I didn't really care if you noticed or not. I need to go home. I have to work again tomorrow." And with that I turn and start to walk down the street. I couldn't tell you what happened next because I blacked out. 



Bright lights shine through the window, so i'm guessing it's morning. I open my eyes and freak out a little, I'm not in my room. That's when I start to notice a warm breeze against my neck. Wait it's not a breeze it's someone's breath. "AAAGHHH!" I scream whilst jolting up. The person next to me opens their eyes when they realise I'm awake. "Did you see a ghost or something?" They grin up at me. I'm tempted to slap them right there and then but decide against it. There's a glint in their eye saying 'i'm innocent, I did nothing'.

"You hungry? Ash is down stairs cooking some food if you want it!" I nod my head and stand up. I feel eyes raking my body and that's when I realise I'm not wearing my clothes. Infact I'm wearing somebody's t-shirt. A boys t-shirt to be exact. Wait.. That means somebody has seen my in my underwear... shit! I try to pull the top down so it goes further than mid thigh but give up as soon as I realise nothing will work. As if this boy reads my mind he looks at me and smiles.

"Abi, Ash's friend changed you and I think she has some clothes for you to change into. She guessed you were about her size! If you want I'll go fetch her?" I nod my head and say thank you. Minutes later a brunette girl came in. She looked about late teens, had long brunette hair which was curled perfectly and was wearing denim shorts and a cute crop top. She was stunning. No wonder she had a boyfriend. Then there was me. I had long brown hair, that was naturally wavy, and childlike eyes. I was short, about 5 foot 3. She was one of those girls you knew you'd get on with easily, just by looking at her. "Hi, I'm Abi, and you are?" She asks politely.

"I'm Sophie. Do you know how I got here?" I doubt she does but it's worth it really. 

"Yeah, Ash bought you here. Said he found you collapsed on the street, he wasn't sure if you were intoxicated or not," She smiles at me. It wasn't forced, it was a warm smile, one that said 'I care about you even though I don't know you'. "Now before I forget why I'm here, would you like to borrow some clothes? Charlie said you weren't comfortable in just a t-shirt." 

"Um.. yeah. I don't want to be a pain, I'm just not used to being in a house with boys in and just being in a t-shirt. Even if it's down to my mid-thigh." I'm pretty sure my cheeks are rosy. She nods her head and drags me to a door in the room. She pulls open the door to reveal another room. As soon as the light is switched on it reveals a massive walk in wardrobe. There are clothes hung up on many rails and shoes of every kind on shelves. Then there is drawers of jewellery, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Abi walks over to the far wall and pulls out some light blue jeans and a sweater, which can also be work as a top, with Paris written across it. She matches it with a grey beanie and some white converse. "Here, if it doesn't fit let me know and i'll find a different size. Leave your hair as it is okay?" I nod and take the clothes from her.

"Thank you, this means a lot." I smile and leave the room.

"The bathroom is the to the left!!"

As soon as I walk back into the bedroom Abi gasps. "You look amazing! Now come on I know the boys are going to eat all the food if we don't get there fast," I giggle and right on cue my stomach rumbles. I follow Abi down the stairs to the kitchen. And might I say it looks professional. It had a breakfast bar to the far side, a big island in the very centre with stools around one side, the normal kitchen attire and then on one wall there were summer doors looking out onto the patio and garden. Wow. "And this Sophie is Ashley and Charlie," They both smile as I know they have food in there mouths. Wait.... I know him. 

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