He Is A Hero

Arabella has been abused by her mom since she was 8. On top of that her parents got divorced. Arabella's dad moved to Mullingar, Ireland and left her with the abusive parent. She met Niall when she was 16. That next year she moved to Mullingar with her dad. This is her life.


2. Avarielle Renesmee Kroeger

While I was sleeping Niall left to go on tour. He left me at home. I woke up and started crying. He had left me there because he wanted me to sleep. My dad woke up and heard me crying so he came in my room and asked what was wrong. I said that Niall had gone on tour. He hugged me and kissed my forehead and said that everything will be okay. I smiled. For breakfast my dad fixed me two smiley face pancakes. After that me and Niall skyped each other. He looked very sad. I asked what was wrong and he said he missed me terribly. Which made me cry. He said he would be home in three weeks. Which for me feels like a year. He also said he is going to swing by and pick me up because he can't stand to see me cry. I was so excited! I asked my dad if that was okay. He said sure. So I ran upstairs and packed my stuff. Before Niall came my dad took me shopping and got me like $120 worth of clothes and $50 worth of shoes. So my dad spent $170 on me which he was fine with. He spent $100 on Niall. We came home and I waited for two hours before he came. I was so happy to see him. I showed him what daddy had gotten for me and for him. Niall loved everything I got. I got to meet Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry. They were so nice to me. They actually told me that they like me. Niall said that I was his and no one else's.

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