Could This Really be Happening?

Brooklynn Parkers was on The X-Factor competing against the now famous boy-band, One Direction. Brooke wins but gains no fame, instead One Direction gains all the fame. A couple of years later there is an X-Factor reunion party. Brooke gets tricked into going. You'll never guess who was there too, the one and only One Direction. Brooke tries as hard as she can to avoid them because they stole all of her fame. But what happens when she falls head over heels for the one and only Liam Payne?


4. Quick Character Description

Brooklynn Parkers- long brown, curly hair, darkish lightish skin tone(don't really know how to describe! Tan I guess?) brown eyes, bubbly personality. Confident and funny, but serious when she needs to be. Umm... Idk what else to put!

Taylor Jacobs- long, light brown straight hair. Light skin, pale green eyes. Fun to be with, really sweet, funny. Really bubbly, but extremely serious at certain times. And that's about it, because I'm pretty sure we all know what One Direction looks like and acts like after hours and hours of stalking them on Instagram and Twitter!😜

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