Could This Really be Happening?

Brooklynn Parkers was on The X-Factor competing against the now famous boy-band, One Direction. Brooke wins but gains no fame, instead One Direction gains all the fame. A couple of years later there is an X-Factor reunion party. Brooke gets tricked into going. You'll never guess who was there too, the one and only One Direction. Brooke tries as hard as she can to avoid them because they stole all of her fame. But what happens when she falls head over heels for the one and only Liam Payne?


2. Party

Oath by Cher Lloyd suddenly blasted through my phone causing me to jump a bit. I looked down to see that my best friend Taylor Jacobs was calling me. “Hey!” I answered. “What’s up?” she replied. “Playing temple run, and you?" I asked “Well, I’m going to a party and I want you to come with me,” she explained. Me being the goody-two-shoes I am, I started questioning her. “Whose party is it and who invited us to it? And before you start explaining please don't tell me it's that brat Wendy's party that you're crashing” I exclaimed. "Oh, well you know my friend Stacy right?" "Yeah, she's pretty cool," I answered. "It's her party at this really fancy building in Los Angeles," We live in San Diego so it's not too far away from us. "So you wanna go?" Taylor asked snapping me out of my train of thoughts. “Yeah, come help me get ready,” I said.  “Mmmkay, I’ll be there in like-“ “Oh, hold on someone’s at the door,” I said. I opened the door to see Taylor standing there with a duffle bag slung over her shoulder. “Hey Tay!” I exclaimed as I hugged her. “What up Brookie?” she asked as we pulled away. “Well I was on the phone but then you rudely interrupted me by knocking on the door.” I explained. “Well sorry I interrupted our conversation,” she said emphasizing the word our.”So what outfit did you bring?” I asked her. “It’s new; I just got it from Forever 21, and –“ “You went shopping without me? How could you?” I exclaimed interrupting her. “You didn’t let me finish, my mom got it for me for my birthday. Calm down Brooke.” She explained. "Phew, that was a close one," I huffed as we made our way through my apartment to my room. I plugged in my hair straightener and my curling iron that heated up while we got dressed. I wore some light blue faded skinny jeans, a white crop top with The Beatles on it, a hot pink tank top underneath it, my black combat boots, some silver hoop earrings, and a Sterling Silver necklace with a star that my dad got me when I was younger. I stood back and complimented my outfit in my full body mirror. I straightened my hair while Taylor got dressed. Her being the girly-girl she is she wore a bright red pencil skirt that ended just above her knees and came up just above her belly-button, a zebra tank top and a black cropped denim jacket, black sparkly Toms, and a really cute red diamond  necklace. She finished the look off with some bright red lip-stick. If you couldn’t tell yet, red is her favorite color. After she got dressed I curled her hair and she put my hair in a waterfall braid."You look stunning dearie," she said in her best British accent. "As do you," I said in my best accent As she finished her make-up I gathered some things to put in my black Coach wristlet like my iPhone, lip-gloss, etc. “Ready?” I asked her as I zipped my wristlet. “Almost.” She said stuffing some things into her bag. “Ok ready.” She said. I grabbed my keys and we hopped in my car and sped off to the party. When we entered the building I nearly had a heart attack at the sight.







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