Ariel's Ocean

Ariel isn't exactly the beautiful, innocent mermaid you've seen in the Disney film. In fact, she's quite the opposite. Within the ocean is a raging mermaid, just waiting to come out. And when she does...Well, all hell breaks loose.


2. The Unconscious Man

I stare at the ocean all day, every day yet somehow never get bored. I am curious by what happens within the ocean - something different occurs every day. Dolphins leaping, sharks hunting, seagulls swooping. Sometimes even, though my sight might deceive me, I see a mermaid with thick red hair travelling through the ocean. Her tail is the colour of the sea, so you can only just make out the outline of it. I haven't seen her yet today though, nor any dolphins, seagulls or sharks. It's been a quiet day, almost as if all the sea creatures have disappeared. 

"Ava!" My father calls, peering out of the little window in his cabin. He's still wearing his suit from a meeting he went to this morning - being the first mate. "Come in now! It's getting dark!" He calls, before his head disappears out of the little oval window. 

"Yes Father!" I reply, getting up from the ebony bench. I start to make my way towards his cabin, to wish him good night, when a splash of water cools my ankles. I spin my head around to see a man unconsciously lie over the edge of the boat. "Father!" I yell. "Quickly! Quickly! You must come!" 

I hear footsteps running towards me and then he appears in front of me. "Can you help him?" I ask, worried. 

"I shall try. How did he get there?" Father inquires, picking the man up and travelling towards the inside of the boat.

"I don't know. I was going to come to your cabin to wish you goodnight when I felt water hit my ankles and I - I turned and he was there." I explain.

"Interesting..." We walk through the lounge, and towards the nurse's office. "Addie!" Father knocks twice on the door, whilst still holding the man in his arms. A slightly plump woman with short black hair greets us. I've never seen her before because, whenever I've been injured or sick, Father treats me. He always has. "We found this young man over the edge of the boat, unconscious."

"I'll put him in 'ere, in one of them beds I've got. I'll try and see if I can give 'im some of my medicine too." She definitely isn't from the same area as my father. 

"Thank you much. Call me if he awakens." Father smiles at her before leading me towards my cabin. "Go to sleep now, Ava. You need it." 


"Go to sleep." His eyebrows raise. I end up rolling my eyes but obeying his orders. Once I fall to sleep, my dream is about the mermaid. Except, she's laughing at me. Except, she's chasing after me. Except, she's evil.

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