Ariel's Ocean

Ariel isn't exactly the beautiful, innocent mermaid you've seen in the Disney film. In fact, she's quite the opposite. Within the ocean is a raging mermaid, just waiting to come out. And when she does...Well, all hell breaks loose.


4. The Interview

I knock twice on the door, and then quietly wait outside. A few seconds later, a tired reply comes. "Come in," Eric's deep voice groans. I push myself through the door and smile at him.

"Hello, my name is-"

"Ava." Eric finishes my sentence for me. "You were in my dream!"  

"What?" I ask, confused.

"You were running from Ariel, next to me... Oh Ariel..." Eric looks out of the little oval window beside him. The ocean calmly splashes the bottom of it. Once he's drawn back his head, I decide to look out of it myself.

For a split second, I see her. Red hair looping round her hair, and in her hand is a trident - a bright red one. Then - she's gone.

"Do you know Ariel?" I casually ask. 

"Of course I know her! She was my true love. Then in a flash her eyes turned red; the same colour as her hair, and she was gone..."

"What happened to make her like that?" I query. 

"You better leave. I've got a headache," Eric brushes me off. I sigh and do as he says. "Oh Ariel..." Are the last words I hear before I close the door behind me. I want to know more about Ariel but the only person I could ask other than Eric would have to be Ariel herself, and that's plain mad.

I go onto the deck and look out over the ocean, trying to push my mind away from Ariel. It almost works, until I see her. She's swimming towards me, not caring if she's seen. She seems to be angry, furious.

I step back slightly but that doesn't stop what happens next. Leaping through the air, her hands claw my face and grip steadily onto my arms. Soon I'm pulled into the ocean, screaming and spluttering and not understanding what happened.

I'm coughing for air, but none comes. Soon, I feel my head lightening, and my eyes fall shut.

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