Ariel's Ocean

Ariel isn't exactly the beautiful, innocent mermaid you've seen in the Disney film. In fact, she's quite the opposite. Within the ocean is a raging mermaid, just waiting to come out. And when she does...Well, all hell breaks loose.


3. Fish Finger Sandwich

My mouth was covered; I couldn't breathe. I was drenched in water. My ankles were tangled in what appeared to be...

I open my eyes. My ankles are tangled in my duvet. I'm drenched in sweat. And my mouth is covered by my cat, Diego. I breath a sigh of relief. I'm not in the dream anymore. Sighing slightly, I swing my legs over the edge of my bed, and get up. The smell of breakfast wafts through my nostrils. Fish finger sandwiches, my favourite. I scoop up Diego and patter into the kitchen area.

"Good morning Ava," my father says. He's standing at the stove, cooking. 

I sit at the table, where a glass of orange juice is waiting for me. "Morning," I mumble.

He places a plate of fish finger sandwiches in front of me. "Are you alright?" 

"I...I'm fine." My eyes fix on the trident that is clutched in my fathers hand. No, I'm not in the dream. Ava, you are not in the dream. I turn my attention to my sandwich, and start munching on it. When father isn't looking, I feed some to Diego under the table.

"You're looking quite pale. Almost as pale as that poor man that we put in the nurses cabin last night."

"Oh, how is he doing?" I ask, my mouth stuffed with bread, fish fingers and ketchup.

Father frowns at me. "Don't talk whilst eating. But he's not great, if I'm honest with you. Spouting nonsense and the only useful thing we've found out is his name: Eric."

My eyes sparkle with curiosity. "What kind of nonsense?" 

"Something about a mermaid with red hair, and how she was going to 'get him'. As you can tell, just pure nonsense." 

My body freezes. A mermaid ? With red hair? Could it be her, from the dream? Could it be her, the one that I'd seen? "Can I visit him?" I ask casually, trying not to let my shock show. 

"Sure. Just knock first. You don't want to scare him anymore than he already is." Father smiles at me as I get up from the table. "Ava, you haven't finished all of your breakfast!"

"Give the rest to Diego," I call, hurrying out of the kitchen area. Maybe, just maybe, this Eric guy might give me some answers. 

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