The Telumesthic Trilogy: The Unknown Weapon

War. Centauries long, many lives lost, planets destroyed. But the Xylaarks now know how they can demolish the Humans once and for all. They just need the weapon... No-one but the Controller Xylaark knows what it is. Nothing will get in his way of getting it.

*This book was not originally my idea, but my boyfriends. So idea for Xylaarks and such go to: SamAwesome117


2. Devistation

Smoke, ashes and corpses. All that could be seen or smelt, it is Hell. I walk over the former citizens of the city, not wanting to disturb the dead. Only one explanation was possible. Xylaarks. Anything bad happening is their doing. I looked to the past blue, almost purple sky, but now it was an angry grey. It was depressing. Fires were still shifting through the city, charcoaling anything. No Xylaarks were seen though, so that's a silver lining. Nothing could be salvaged. But glowing in this devastation, the white palace stood high amongst the rubble. My face lit up at the sight of it. The ground beneath my feet thundered as I ran, dust kicked up behind me. The thundering grew behind me. I wasn't alone.


I turned my head. My feet still venturing forward. A Xylaark was chasing me, scratching the air to grab me. I attacked the air, feet going ever faster. I turned forward, almost at the Palace. Just a little further. I didn't make it. The Xylaark grabbed my arm, and yanked me into the air and dangled me there. As if I was just a toy. I screamed.
"Shut it parasite!" the Xylaark shouted. His voice was a metallic, deep voice. I had never seen one before, but I've always known to fear them. It's in all Human's blood to want to avoid them. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see it again. Looking into it's eyes... It's almost as if I'm staring into the pits of hell, fire everywhere. Much like the city, fire reigned supreme here now.

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