Lingering Thought

Walking around the town in early morning in after a desperate night, you find the strangest places. Their dwellers can show you things that you though impossible. You just have to have an open mind.


3. A Place

I shook my head, everything was still dark. I'm sure that my eyes were open but I couldn't see a thing. I was laying on a hard surface with my hands and ankles tied down by rope. The air smelled bad. I could pick up a scent of an air freshener, but someone was fighting a loosing battle. I screamed:


This went on for about ten minutes, and then I calmed down and let my brain kick in. I was tied down, my legs couldn't move an inch, but my hands had a bit of wiggle room. There was nothing on the left, but on the right I could feel something. I guessed it was a stone, though it was light. What made me happy was that a part of it was sharp.

Oh, did I bend and pull my arm around to get this thing into position. It payed off! I was actually starting to cut the bounds on my right hand.

There was a sound, and after a few false starts, fluorescent lights came on.

I realized that my situation isn't particularly good. Around me, medieval looking walls were adorned by shackled skeletons, and a single decomposing body. I could only tell that it was a bigger man; some bones were showing. I was lying on a surgeon's desk, with various devices on the side. Which were, I'm sure, not there just for display.

"Fuck!" was the only thing that left my mouth.

And, yes, I started cutting the bonds with an inhuman speed. I started to hear faint footsteps approaching. I started cutting even faster, and managed to get rid of the right hand bound. I grabbed a scalpel from the side and cut the left bound. Then I started working on the legs. Footsteps became louder. I cut the last strand of rope and jumped of the table.

The door opened. I held my breath. There was a pause for a good half a minute. The door then closed and a sound of footsteps leaving. I collapsed.

After and indeterminate amount of time, I woke up again. The light was still on. I looked around, and almost fainted again, I had to get out of here. I pocketed the scalpel and went for the door. They were slightly ajar. I pushed them and revealed a long dark hallway.

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