Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


9. The visit

I was up very early to pack my bags for going to the hospital. I still need to tell my mum but I can't tell her I'm going because she will freak out , so I gone tell her I'm with Lucy all day. No problem, and I'm lying again. I'm beginning to be very good in lying. It's not positive Ellie !


When everything was packed I took a shower and dressed,  I changed like a thousand times because I absolutely don't know what to wear. Eventually I chose a beautiful baby blue summer dress with some nice pair of pumps. To be honest I looked pretty hot in it. I never expected me to say something like that, but it really looked nice.


Like every morning the house smells like pancake and some other nice thinks my mum made for me and her of course. So I ran down the stairs. I'm hungry like always. The table was already sat so the only thing I needed to do was eating. My mum came sit next to me with her cup of coffee.


" How did you sleep , sweetie?"

" Good, is it okay if I spend the rest of the day with Lucy."

" I hope you mean after school ?"

" Yeah of course."

" Okay , have fun sweetheart. I need to go to work. Let me know when you're gone be home okay ?"

" Okay , bye mum."


She gave me a kiss at my forehead and left. With that it's time for me to leave too. Like every day I need to run for the bus. I hope I didn't forgot anything or Harry gone be pissed.


I took my seat next to Lucy.


" Hey, you look hot today !"

" Thanks , can you explain me something from math. I really don't understand and I have a test about it today."

" Yeah , sure. What is it ?"

" I don't know with x's and y's."

" let me see it."


Lucy explained me my math so I gone have good grades. I hate math , all my other subjects are good but math is just so difficult I don't understand anything about it. But it's going to be okay, I hope.


Lucy was with Tom, because they are together ! What a surprise.

That’s why I’m on my own. I really regret putting on this dress because I got lots of glares when I was walking down the corridors. I think this school needs to get used to it that I'm wearing dresses and pumps. Nobody ever noticed me, and now I'm all dressed up. I'm not really hiding myself anymore behind Lucy and my baggy clothes. I'm changed to, I'm proud at who I am. I'm thinking like this sins Harry told me he isn't ashamed about me. I thought for years I was the reason he doesn't want it to be friends anymore. He wasn't ashamed about me , he was thinking about me. He hurts his self by doing it. He knows I didn't want to be popular and that's why, not because I wasn't good enough.


He was standing by his locker all alone. My locker isn't far away from his. I took my books. And when I looked up. I was looking straight in his beautiful green eyes and his genius smile was playing on his lips.



Harry's POV


I was grabbing my books, when I looked up I saw her. She look so beautiful in her baby blue dress. Her legs has a perfect tan and the pumps she ware makes her legs even longer like there already are. There was nobody in the hallway so I could easily walk over to her and tell her that she looks gorgeous.


I was standing next to her and the moment she looked up I meet her beautiful sparkling blue orbs. She looked totally surprised by seeing me. I can't blame her It's two years ago I talked to her at school.



" Hey"

" Hii, how are you ?"

" great , how are you ?"

" I'm good."

" you've got everything for today ?"

" I hope so."


The bell rang and we need to go to class.


" I need to go, Harry"

" yeah , me too. And you look great today, Ellie."

" Thanks, bye."




Omg  ' you look great' seriously ? She looks fucking better then great. She looks adorable, cute every think I can imagine. She looks smoking hot , and the thing I tell her is that she looks great. I'm sedge an idiot !


I got in class in time. I think it's the first time in the entire school year I'm on time and miss Everdeen saw it also. She is my English teacher btw.


" congratulations mister Styles, you are on time in my class."

" Thanks miss Everdeen."

" you're welcome. Now all take your book at page 106 and start reading. There is a test about it tomorrow. "


After English I have art , math and history. During art I send Ellie a message that I'm waiting at my car and that we first have lunch at my house because my mum wants to see her. She sends me immediately back.


From: Ellie <3


That's okay by me , I will wait by your car when you're not there yet. See ya xx.






After two minutes of waiting the love of my life walked over to me. We got in my car. I put on the radio and in no time me and Ellie were singing along with the music. Maybe it's better to say that I was singing and that Ellie was screaming. After ten minutes we arrived at my home.


" Ready , to go Ellie ?"

" I guess so."

" Omg , are you nervous ?"


This is funny Ellie who is nervous to have lunch at my house. She used to lunch with us almost every day.


" Stop laughing with me !"

" I'm sorry , it's just so funny"


I start to crack up again.

" you're so stupid Harry."


She starts to laugh along with me, lucky me !


" Come on, we need to go or my mum gone be mad."


We get out of the car and I took her hand and intertwining our fingers when we walked to the door. It felt so good to hold her hand , and I'm so happy she didn't let go. I think it's certainly  a good sign. When we get to the door I need to let her hand go because I need my keys. I opened the door and we walked to the kitchen were my mum was. The table was full of delicious food.


" Hi, mum."

" Hi, miss Twist."

" Hiii , Ellie you know you can call me Anne."

" I'm sorry Anne"

" it's okay, come here give me a huge. You look gorgeous ! You grow so much and you wearing heels. I missed you so much."

" Thanks, I missed you too."

"Come have a seed , Harry go get something to drink for her. What do you want darling ?"

" I know exactly what she wants mum."



Ellie's POV


Harry was gone for a couple of minutes to get me a coke like always. Like he said he knows exactly what I want to drink. He still knows me very good.


Me and Anne were talking about the finals and the upcoming game. I couldn't tell her. I really want to tell her, but I can't. Maybe after today I can but we need to wait until we exactly know what's wrong with me.


When Harry was back. We eat some amazing lunch. I helped doing the dishes and after that it was time to go to the hospital. We say goodbye to Anne and told her we’re gone spend the afternoon with Tom.


We get in the car and drove to the hospital.


" I'm scared Harry. "

" You don't need to be scared. Everything's going to be alright. I'm with you, it's gone be okay, trust me."

" I hope so. "


The rest of the car ride was in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, the two of us were thinking , thinking what's going to happen and thinking what kind of impact this will have at the next few days or maybe even mounds. That were my thoughts I don't know his but I'm sure he is thinking about this visit too.


Harry parked his car. We went to the front desk and asked the girl behind were we needed to be. She send us to lots of corridors and eventually we were in my room for today. She told us a nurse will come and take some blood in 15 minutes, after that she will bring me to a room where they will take a scan.  The girl said goodbye and run out of the room so me and Harry were alone.



Me and harry where watching SpongeBob when the nurse came in. Like the girl told me she took some blood.  I said goodbye to Harry and left. The nurse brought me to a room where I needed to get dressed after that I needed to get some radiographs.


After 20 minutes I was back in my room. When I get in Harry was sleeping on my bed and The notebook was playing. The nurse told me she will be back in 4 hours to make scans.


When she was gone. I went lying next to Harry. I laid my head at his shoulder. I know the movie out of my head so I could easily follow.


It was the part that the boy and the girl are eating ice-cream. It’s one of my favorites parts of the movie it’s just so cute.


“Can you image loving somebody so pure and deep like they love each other?”


 I didn't noticed he was awake but he didn't scared me tough.


“ I don't think so , can you ?”

 “Yes , it's like my love for you.”


His words were almost a whisper but I heard them. They were loud enough to change everything. I always bin in love with him. I always thought it was love like you love your brother or sister. I never thought it was a pure and special love. I was telling myself I wasn't in love with him. But now I realized I'M IN LOVE


I turned around so I can look in eyes.


 “You love me ?”

 “I've always been in love with you Ellie. It never stopped.”


Only a couple of seconds after his words left his lips. He planned his lips at mine. His hands rapped around my body. It felt all so right. Like we are made for each other.


Harry’s POV  


I finally kissed her. I can Hold her in my arms and doing what I always wanted to do , tell her she is mine and always will be. I don't want to let her go. NO Never in a million years. she is mine and I'm here's.


She is a really good kisser. I actually thought she never kissed before. I can't remember her having a boyfriend before. But who wouldn't fall in love with sedge a beautiful at the outside and inside girl.


 “You’re a good kisser who learned you ?”

 “You did”

 “What do you mean ?”

 “It was my first kiss Harry”


 I smiled. She is so beautiful. How can nobody see it. I stroke with my thumb over her soft cheek. Carefully I leaned in. Before our lips med again. I looked in her eyes and whispers


 “It was my last first kiss”


My hands when'd down to her neck and then to her waist. Our lips started to move in a perfect sync I licked her under lip asking for access when she gave me our tongues were playing an irresistible game. I felled her hand moving from my neck to my chest and down to my stomach.


I hope you like it ! Please like and comment. :D


xx Elke

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