Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


1. prologue

Hello, I’m Ellie.

I’m a wallflower. I’m shy and I don’t like to be in the spotlights. Nobody noticed me and I’m completely fine with it. I don’t think that I’m beautiful. My mum and best friend, Lucy have try to convince me from it but it’s not working. I just don’t think that I’m beautiful. At school there is not one good lesson were I’m good in. But when I’m standing at the court I’m feeling like I’m myself it’s me Ellie and not some girl who don’t dare to say anything I don’t need to hide myself I just can be me. I’m last year champion and this year I’m in the finals.

Me and my best friend , and actually my only friend , are not one of the popular kids. Lucy is a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes.  She loved to be in the spotlights. You probably thinking how can we ever be best friends. Well it’s easy if I walk across her everybody looks at her and not at me because she takes all the attention.  And that’s exactly what I want. I’m not saying that I’m using her for not being in the spotlights but it’s just pretty handy.

Me and Lucy are best friends since two years ago. She was in my class. I was sitting all alone and she was new. She came sitting next to me,  and that’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

 I can tell everything to her and she can say everything to me. Like normal best friends, even we talk about boys and girly stuff like that. Lucy is very popular with the boys. I think she can’t count all her ex boyfriends on one hand. My ex-boyfriends ?  You can’t even start counting. Yes, ladies and gentleman’s I never ever have got a boyfriend and never ever have got a first kiss. Do I even have say that I’m a virgin or do you get it ?

And then we have my mum, Alice. We live together in a small house in London. We’re moved to London after my dad and my mum separate. Actually you don’t can call it separate at one day he just leaved us. Never say goodbye to me and probably never would say Hello to me again. I barely now my dad. I was about for years when he left us. My mum don’t talk about him. Only once she say that I looked like him. I really don’t want to be like my dad. I hate him. Actually I didn’t know him so I don’t have really a reason to hate him. I think I just hate him because he left us without any reason. Everybody deserves a chance to get to know him better, but he got his chance and just spilled it.

The year that my parents separate was even the year when I met him. The guy that really put my life upside down, turned it around and then BOOM just dropped me.

Harry Edward Styles.

He was the neighbor of my grandma. One day when I was at my grandma’s. He knocked on the door to ask if I want to come playing hide and seek. My favorite game. I was already shy when I was a kid ,but my grandma could convince me from going to play with him. From that day I went every day to my grandma. Me and Harry became best friends. We does everything together. We both did at tennis. Nobody could come between us. When we were eleven we met Tom. Tom and Harry became good friends but even he couldn’t come between us as kids. High school came. Harry and Tom want to be one of the popular guys. I don’t want to be one of them and Harry and Tom just letting me down during summer. I have try to be friends but he just ignored me. When school start there was nobody.

 Nobody at our school knows about our friendship, accept Tom. Even Lucy don’t know about our past. I’m fine with it. But sometimes it hurts.

I doesn’t understand why he do that to me. We just could be friends I though. I’m still seeing him at the tennis and at school. He always smile’s to me at the tennis. At school he doesn’t give me a glance. It’s like he want to leave me alone but he just can’t do it. It would be better for me if he would. If he just could let me go. Each life our own lives. He can be the popular and I just can be me.

Harry is the quarterback of the team. He is loved by everybody.  He can do nothing wrong with the teachers, all the girls are crazy about him. Every weekend he goes out and every Monday you hear him talking to his friends witch girl he got into his bed. I barely recognize him. It’s not him, or not the Harry Styles that I know.

Lucy don’t like Harry. She think he is a pathetic little boy who just need some attention of the girls. If I start talking about him, that he is quite hot and funny. She say that I should not start like all the other girls at our school. But nobody knows the real Harry who is kind caring and is an amazing good cook.

I don’t think like that about him because he is still my friend. We have been friends for sedge a long time. This hole popular kid thing is just rising to his head. He just need somebody who really knows him. I could be the one but he don’t realize that he is changed that hard. I don’t want to be the person to say that to him. One day he will see it by himself. The only question is. Will he come to me ?

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