Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


5. Changed

Harry’s POV


She is so peas full if she’s sleeping like she has nothing to worry about. But she got something to worry about. She is so afraid that look in her eyes when the doctor said he’s got bad news for her. I couldn’t take it. Seeing her so scared, afraid and said at the same time. I’m afraid to but I’m not showing it. She needs me right now. I’m the only one she’s got. But I’m not sure I’m ready for it. If I’m strong enough for this. It’s so long ago that we’re really hanging out. The first time we were hanging out. I felt like I was again the person I was. I never realized this before.


I’m not the person I was before. The popularity changes me in a person I’m not want to be. I always thought that this was what I want no matter what I has to sacrifice for it. Even the most beautiful friendship I ever got. But now there is someone that I want even more. Someone I need, someone for how I want to do everything, someone how I want to fide for. The most beautiful and honest girl I ever met.


The girl how hates me and how never want to see me again. She would never want to be my girlfriend or even just friends. She would never feel the same thing I feel for her.


I hope one day she would forgive me for everything I’ve done but I now that day will never come. And it’s hurting like hell. I just want to hold her in my arms and say that I love her every second, minute ,hour I spending with her. I want to scream it from the roof tops. I don’t want to be afraid any more for what people would say or think about me.


I know that now. I gone change in the person I was before all this happened. It’s not gone be soon. I know that I has to work one that and it’s not gone be easy, no not at all. I’ll have to overcome my fear. But I hope after all it’s gone be worth it. I gone be with the girl of my dreams. I gone make her happy.


The girl how is sleeping in my arms.

The girl how a couple of minutes ago said that she hates me.

The girl how comes to me when she is afraid.


That’s the girl I love , Ellie.


I looked down at here. She is sleeping so peas fully in my arms. I stood up with her still asleep. I carried her too my car and laid her carefully in the passenger seat. I gone bring her home.




I run to the door and ring the bell very fast. I hear somebody coming down and a couple of seconds later Alice stood before me. When she saw it was me her eyebrows turn into a frown.


“ Harry what are you doing here ? I thought Ellie was at you place? ”

“ She felt asleep so I thought I should bring her home. ”

“ Owh yeah that’s good. ”


I run back to my car for taking Ellie out as carefully as before. I walked strait  to her room and opened the door with my elbow. Her room was just the same like two years ago. I laid her down in her bed, I kissed her forehead, I went sitting on her desk watching her sleeping. When I saw paper and a pen I came at the idea to write her a letter for saying I’m sorry.


My dear Ellie,




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