Winnning Your Heart (Sequel to Love You Forever)

Avery Jones and Preston Corvette are b-a-a-a-ck!!!!!!!!!!! Things are getting awkward for the two lovebirds. They're together in the almost all the same classes, they have same lunch time and study hall. And now, Avery's having trouble with her parents, and Preston's dad has "come back from the grave". Can they work out their differences and put the past behind them to see each other through 12th grade? Read on and find out... :)


11. Chapter 9


I rushed home. I probably crossed a bunch of speed limits.

What can I say? My mom doesn't usually exaggerate, so when she says 'urgent', it's a sign to freak out.

I hate surprises! I thought. My mind kept making all these horrible scenes of what may have happened.

I ran up the driveway and fumbled with the keys. I didn't stop to admire the new flowers my mom had put up. I was nerve-wracked.

"Mom!" I cried, barging in. "What's wrong? What's the emergency?"

"You told him it was an emergency?" A deep voice rumbled.

My mind was plunged into memories of laughing. Looking up at dark eyes...

knew that voice.

My mom sighed. "I told him it was urgent." she said. In a louder voice she added; "In the kitchen Preston."

I took my time making my way to the kitchen. Before, I was rushing, ready for anything. Now, all I wanted to do was take a while, brace myself.

I stepped into the kitchen and came face to face with my look-alike- with a beard, but still.

My eyes widened and I would have screamed if Alice hadn't covered my mouth(A/N: Remember, Alice is his 14 year old sister. Preston also has three brothers, Kevin, Carter and Jasper who are 16).

"Shh, Preston." she murmured. She could barely reach my shoulders, but she managed. When she stepped back, I just stared, gaping.

My dad sat at the kitchen table with Mom and the triplets(his brothers).

My dad.

"You're supposed to be dead!" I finally spit out. "You-your train crashed!"

My mind was blown. I could barely talk and I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

My mom walked up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Your father was never dead, Preston." she said softly. "He just had amnesia-"

"For fourteen years?"


This time my dad cut her off. "I think I should talk to Preston on my own, Hailey." he rumbled.

I turned to him warily, but my mom looked relieved. "Alright," she said. Alice, Jasper, Carter, Kevin and Mom filed out of the room, talking in hushed tones.


My dad drew my attention back to him. I looked into his pale green eyes. They looked much duller than what my foggy memory remembered.

"Hi," he said softly.

I didn't answer. For some reason, I was hesitant to trust him. Amnesia for fouteen years? First sign of craziness.

I wouldn't fall for it. He was lying. It was as plain as he**. I steeled myself as I turned to my dad.

I would not fall for his lies.

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