Winnning Your Heart (Sequel to Love You Forever)

Avery Jones and Preston Corvette are b-a-a-a-ck!!!!!!!!!!! Things are getting awkward for the two lovebirds. They're together in the almost all the same classes, they have same lunch time and study hall. And now, Avery's having trouble with her parents, and Preston's dad has "come back from the grave". Can they work out their differences and put the past behind them to see each other through 12th grade? Read on and find out... :)


13. Chapter 11


So, my dad was back and my life currently felt like it was upside down. It was hard act friendly to a father who left a huge gap in your life for a long time.

Everyone else seemed to find it super easy, though. Carter, Kevin, James, Alice and-obviously- Mom loved him. I just couldn't bring myself to do the same.

Whenever my dad-I had taken to calling him Peter- was home, I stayed locked up in my room unless it was meal-time. Even then, I avoided all eye-contact with him.

It wasn't easy.



I froze. I had been meaning to sneak off to school without him noticing.

"Where you going?" Peter asked.

"Uh, school?" It came out as more of a question than a statement.

Peter raised an eyebrow. "It's Saturday." he said.

I sighed. "I have a swimming compete." I answered curtly and turned away.

"Hold on."

"I need to go." I hopped from one foot to another. "Coach will kick me off if I'm late for this!"


I glanced at the time; 4:45.

"Sh**!" I swore. "Sorry, I have to go!" I cut Peter off and ran.

I hopped into my car and was off. The last thing I saw was Peter peering out the window with a passive face.


"Just in time, Corvette!" Coach patted my back as I ran up to him, out of breath and panting. Coach Elver was a short man, about 4'11'', while I was 6 ft. It was kind of embarrassing, expect when Coach was up in someone's face. Then it was scary.

Although, Coach Elver was the smallest guy I knew, he had a lot of sass. You never wanted to get on his bad side or he would kick your a** to next month in Kansas.

"Hey, Preston!"

"Hi, Pres!"

"How you doing?"

I was a big-shot on the team since I was the best swimmer. "Hey, guys." I grinned. "Let's get this party started!"

Coach grunted. "Big words for someone who was late to the 'party'." he chuckled.

"What?" I cried. "You said I was 'just in time'!"

"You were five seconds late." Coach deadpanned as he walked away to negotiate to with the college people who were here to watch us.

I stared after him. "Five seconds?"

"You've gotten better," one of my teammates teased. "Last time it was six seconds!"

I glared at him mockingly.

"Hey, Preston!"

I turned around at the familiar voice.

Carter waved from the bleachers. On either side of him sat James and Kevin. Beside Kevin, Mom was seated and Alice was beside her. I beamed up at them and waved. My smile disappeared when Mom leaned around Alice to say something to Peter.

Oh. I hadn't noticed him yet. I turned away as he looked at me.

"Good luck today, Preston." I spun around to see Mia and Derek standing next to each other. A little too close for comfort.

"Hey, guys. What're you doing here?" I asked. I tried my best not to sound cranky.

Derek grinned. "I came here to watch my brother, Evan." he explained. "And you, of course." he added afterwards.

"I bumped into Derek earlier and he mentioned your swim meet. So, I decided to come cheer you on." Mia said. The way she said Derek's name rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn't exactly place my finger on why.

Maybe I was just having a bad day. Probably. Most likely.

Obviously not.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to smile. "Thanks guys. I'll try not to let you down."

Derek grinned. "Oh, I don't know about that, but go get them Preston!" he patted my shoulder and my smile grew.

I nodded and jogged back to my team, who had moved off to talk with Coach. "So, go kick their butts!" he was saying. We all cheered.

I looked out at the audience one more time before I got ready.

A familiar, but unexpected face caught my eye.

Avery smiled slightly at me before waving. Beside her sat Brian Wilder, a popular but brainiac guy. I barely knew him, but he was there.

A funny flutter rose in my stomach. I waved back at Avery just as she turned to Brian. He smiled down at her and my heart drooped.

Did I mention my life was upside down?

Well, there's the proof. I thought as I turned back to my position.


At least I have this.

With that thought I plunged into the waters.

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