Saving the Unkown

The MOSMC (Ministry of Supernatural and Mythical Creatures) is in charge of every single supernatural and mythical creature, from Vampires to Ghosts and Giants to Mermaids. But when the Loch Ness Monster starts attacking Mermaids, which species should they save? And there more to it than first thought?


2. Mermaid Tail


The rowing ores squeaked against the old wooden boat. This was the third day of my job at the Ministry of Supernatural and Mythical Creatures and I'd already been given the task no one wants: Making sure no nosy humans get to close to Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. So my third day on the job involved me being shoved onto a wooden rowing boat on lake Loch Ness in Scotland. Great. It was freezing as well, the icy wind whipping my face and rocking the unstable boat. At this rate I was going to fall into the water and be eaten by the Loch Ness monster, let alone 'protect' it. I peered down into the murky water beneath me, where a dark shadow circled the boat before disappearing. 'That's right Nessie, leave the poor human alone' I thought to myself. Suddenly bubbles began to break the waters surface. 'Oh god, somebody's drowning' I though, assuming the worst possibility. I grabbed the aqua-x-ray thingy or whatever they called it and plunged it into the water. Peering through the grubby plastic goggles, I see something silvery glinting.I adjust the focus, and my vision sharpens immediately. Before my very eyes I see a mermaid floating up towards me. A dead mermaid.

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