The Little Things *Complete*

*Sequel to WMYB* Rosie is having the time of her life living with Harry and her dog Snowflake. All's going well, Rosie and her best friend, Emily, even get to go on the 2013 tour with the One Direction boys. But halfway through the tour, Harry finds out something about Rosie. It might ruin their relationship forever, and that's something no one wants. Can Rosie fix things before it's too late?


2. Opening Presents Part 1

*A Couple Hours Later*

Harry and I are making lunch. Snowflake is fast asleep in the living room. "Haz, are you coming with me to meet my family tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Then you're coming with me the day before New Year's just like last year, right?"

"Of course. I'm glad our plan works out. You'll love my family. I mean, you already know Boo and I."

"Do you think they'll like me?"

"I don't see why not."


I laugh, "There's nothing to worry about. Just be yourself." Then the doorbell rings.

*A Few Hours Later*

Everyone's gathered around the Christmas tree that Harry and I put up. Laughing, talking, and just having fun. Snowflakes in my lap being the lazy pup she is. "Guys, I think we should get started on the present opening," I say.

"Me first!" Louis shouts. Everyone hands them presents. He gets shirts, suspenders, pants, gift cards, and money. Then he finally gets to my present; he has always saved me for last. "Vans!"

"Convers," Liam says.

"No, toms," I correct them.

"Vans," Louis says.

"Convers," Liam says again.

"Boys, they're toms."

"They're all three," Harry says.

"No, they're toms."

"Convers," Liam won't give up.

"Come on sister, and you too, mate. They're vans and you know it."

"Can we just move on?" Emily says.

"Fine," I pout. "Who's next?"

"I say Liam," Louis says.

"Okay," Liam smiles. He gets blue-ray Disney movies, Toy Story plush toys, shirts, socks, and baseball caps. "Thanks everyone. Um, Zayn, you go next."

"Okay," Zayn says. He gets jackets, high-top shoes, hair stuff, money, and earrings. "Thank you guys. Niall, you go next."

"I will," he smiles. He gets baseball caps, lots of Nando's gift cards, shirts, shorts, and high-top sneakers. "You guys really know me." We all laugh. "Harry, you next."

"Sounds good," Harry says. He gets button up shirts, money, skinny jeans, gummy bears, bracelets, a cross necklace, and then my present. The first is a bracelet with the infinity sign on it. He puts it on, "Do you have one?" I lift up my left arm and he sees that I do. Then my second present is a picture of my, him, and Snowflake. "Babe, this is awesome."

"Thank you," I say.

He kisses my cheek, 'You're welcome. Um, and thanks everyone else. Now Eleanor, you're up."

"Oh, okay," Eleanor says. She gets charm bracelets, earrings, Starbucks' gift cards, shoes, a small ring from Lou, and a purse. "Thanks for all the gifts, guys. Um, Perrie, you're up."

"Okay," she smiles. I love how so upbeat she is. I'm gonna start hanging out with her a lot soon. She gets to opening her presents and she gets a purse, earrings, make-up, dresses, a charm bracelet, a ring from Zayn, and a few necklaces. "I feel so loved. Thank you so much," she smiles real big. "Danielle, it's your turn."

"Sounds good," Danielle says. She gets a charm bracelet, necklaces, a ring from Liam, dresses, and earrings. "Thank you everyone. Next up, how about, um, Emily."

Emily smiles, "Okay." She gets necklaces, earrings, a dress, my painting of her and Niall, skirts, money, a ring from Niall, and some cute boots. "Thanks so much, guys. These gifts are amazing. Looks like it's..." I get ready for her to call my name.

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