The Little Things *Complete*

*Sequel to WMYB* Rosie is having the time of her life living with Harry and her dog Snowflake. All's going well, Rosie and her best friend, Emily, even get to go on the 2013 tour with the One Direction boys. But halfway through the tour, Harry finds out something about Rosie. It might ruin their relationship forever, and that's something no one wants. Can Rosie fix things before it's too late?


6. My Poster Ideas

*That Night*

All my siblings, Harry, and I are in the living room drinking hot chocolate and wrapped up in blankets. We did so much in the snow. Snowball fights, built a few snowmen, and built some snow forts. Pretty awesome if you ask me. "Boo, how's being a pop star going?" Daisy asks.

"It's going good. I wish I could visit you guys more often though."

"Rose, you still drawing?" Phoebe asks.

"Of course. I'd never stop doing what I love." It goes quiet. I snuggle into Harry.

"I love you, babe," Harry whispers in my ear.

"I love you too," I whisper back.

"Rosepetal," Lou says.

"Yeah Boo Bear?" Everyone giggles.

"I wanted to tell you before, but I forgot until now. I took your poster ideas book for a little while and gave it to Simon. A few of them are being made into posters."

"No way. Which one?"

"The ones from the 'Live While We're Young' music video."

"The one in the car or the one where you guys are walking on that dirt road."

"Actually, both."

"I can't believe it."

"That's amazing," Daisy says.

"It is," Louis says.

*That Night*

"Babe, do I really have to sleep on the floor?" Harry asks.

"Yes," I flip over in my bed so I can face him. "Just while we're here. Then you can sleep with me when we get to your house."

He crosses his arms and pouts, "Fine."

I laugh, "Come on love, I hate not sleeping together too. But I don't want them to think we're doing anything inappropriate."

He laughs, "I think I can make it then."

"I love you, Haz."

"I love you more, Rosepetal."

I giggle, "Don't be Lou."

He laughs, "To the moon and back?"

"Of course. Every day; any day."

"Good night babe."

"Good night lovely. Sweet dreams."

"Don't let the bed bugs bite, Styles."

"I'll try and fight them off."

I laugh, "Night." I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

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