My Doctor (Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is your normal teenage girl. She is suffering from depression and self harm. Ever since she was a little girl. When her friend books her in for the doctor she doesn't know what she is in for.

Harry Styles is 21 years old and its his first year as a doctor. When Jade gets him as his doctor love starts to blossom more than anyone knows. Can they keep things behind closed doors? Read more and find out


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV   I heard a door open and close. I looked up to see the doctor looking at me. I stood up.   "Is she okay?" I asked freaking out. I didn't want her to be dead. I need to find out what happened at her house.   "Sir she's okay. We fixed her nose up but im sorry sir. She's in a coma. We had to put her in because the amount of blood she lost could have killed her" The doctor said.   I felt trears spring to my eyes.  "Can I see her?" I asked. The doctor nodded.   I took a massive breath and walked in her room. Jade was laying on the bed. Needles going in and out of her arm. She looked so pale. The cuts and bruises where covered by bandages.  Oh Jade. I walked over to her and held her hand.   "Please Jade wake up. I love you" I whispered with tears streaming down my face. I took the seat next to Jade's bed and sat down. I kept talking to her.     ****     Jade's POV   I woke up with a massive ass headache. I took into my surroundings. White walls, big windows, white door. Harry. Wait Harry. Did he bring me here? But my thoughts where drained out by beeping. I looked up and saw a machine. It had my oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure on it.   I saw tear marks on Harry's face. I've only been asleep for a day right? Than I heard a knock at the door. The doctor walked in.   "Jade lovely to see you are awake" The nurse said.  I nodded. She looked at Harry and smiled at little.  "He's been here for 5 days and he didn't want to leave you" the nurse smiled.   Wait did she just say 5 days?. "Hang on you said 5 days. I've only been asleep for a day" I said confused as all hell.   "I'm sorry Jade, but your boyfriend here brought you in here 5 days ago. You lost a lot of blood. Your nose was broken. So the doctors put you into the coma. That saved your life" The nurse said. I nodded. She than left.   "Harry" I said. He started to stir thats when his eyes opened. His Emerald Green eyes staring into mine. "Jade" he said happliy and hugged me.   I smiled.  "Sorry I can't hug back" I whispered. Harry pulled back and smiled. Pecking my lips. He than slowly sat back in his seat.   "Cam you tell me what happened?" He asked. I nodded slowly. Taking a massive breath.   "I came home after our session. Someone at the office called my mum and told her she needed to pay. When I got home. She started to yell at me. Called me worthless. I spoke my mind and told her what she was hiding behind her smile.  She than started to kick, punch and slap me. I felt so weak. Weak enough to die. I called you than black out" I cried.   "Hey shh... Your okay. Your okay now she can't hurt you. I know who it was. I'll have a talk with her tomorrow" Harry said calming me down as his soft fingers touched me face. I smiled and nodded.   Mum walked in just as we finished talking. My body shivered. Mum walked over to me she went to touch me.   "No don't" I cried scared. Mum moved her hand away.   "Oh baby I am so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just so angry. At you and myself. And I lost control" Mum said wanting to touch me. I screamed. My heart rate started to rise. That made the monitor beep. Doctors ran in and told my mum to move out of the way.   "Jade breath for me. Deep and slow breaths" The doctor said.    I nodded and did what he said. the doctor looked at my mum.   "I'm guessing your the one who did this to her" The doctor said knotting his eyebrows together.    Mum was shocked but she nodded. Harry grabbed my hand tighter and that calmed me down. I trust him more than my mum. The doctor smiled.   "Your lunch will be here soon" The doctor said.   I nodded. The doctor grabbed my chat and checked it.  "Do you have any pain?" He asked.   I shook my head. He went through it. "Its says here you suffer from depression and self harm is that true?" The doctor asked.   I nodded. "Yes." Mum looked shocked.   "You didn't tell me this" mum yelled. I flinched. I sat up. It hurt but Harry helped me.   "I couldn't mum because you where the one who made me cut. I was depressed because of dad passing and you calling me worthless every time I did something wrong" I snapped. Harry stroked my hand.   The doctor nodded and walked out with my chart. Mum looked angry. Harry's phone went off. He grabbed it.   "Harry here... I'll be in tomorrow yeah everything's fine... yup okay I'll bring her too if she's up for it... okay bye Stacey... bye" Harry said and hung up.   "Stacey from work. They want you to come in tomorrow if you feel up to it. I think they want to apologize" Harry whispered.   I nodded.  Mum left the room. Thank god she did.  
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