My Doctor (Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is your normal teenage girl. She is suffering from depression and self harm. Ever since she was a little girl. When her friend books her in for the doctor she doesn't know what she is in for.

Harry Styles is 21 years old and its his first year as a doctor. When Jade gets him as his doctor love starts to blossom more than anyone knows. Can they keep things behind closed doors? Read more and find out


5. Chapter 5

I walked into the doors of the hospital and the lady saw me and smiled.

"Go right in, sweetheart." She said.

"Thanks." I said. I opened the door to see Harry looking through some papers. He looked up when he heard the door open and close and smiled when he saw me.

"Hello, love." His deep British ringing through my ears.

"Hi." I said. He got up and walked over to me, giving me a soft kiss on the lips. Even though it was quick, it was nice. He sat on his chair and I sat on the couch.

"So, how did you like meeting my mum?" He asked.

"I loved it, she's such a wonderful woman. Too bad we have to keep this from her." I said, sadly. If I wasn't his patient, then we could be more freely about this. Alas, we can't.

"Yeah, I know. We will tell her, eventually." He said. I nodded, agreeing.

"Have you been taking your medicine?" He asked. I nodded. 
"So, did you wanna hang out tomorrow? You can come over to my house if you like." Harry asked me. I nodded.

"Sounds great." I said. Before leaving, he gave me a weak knee kiss. He pulled away and his hot breath remained on my lips. 

"Bye, love." He said softly. I blushed badly and waved bye. Once I got home, I was greeted with a loud angry voice.

"Jade! What the fuck are you doing at these counselling sessions?! Do you know how I have to pay for this?!" My mom yelled at me. Oh shit, she found out. 

"What do you make of this?!" She yelled.

"I needed help." I answered softly.

"Speak louder, you worthless piece of shit!" She yelled again. I raised my head.

"I needed help. I was so torn up about Dad dying and you treating me like a slave!" I yelled.

"What?! I do not treat you like a slave!!" She yelled.

"Yes you do! I have to make all the money in the house. I have to pay for food, bills, and the rent! I have to work 8-9 hour shifts just to bring some money in the house. I'm tired! I feel unappreciated!" I yelled, speaking my mind.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't be so worthless! You never so anything around the house!" She argued.

"Yes I do!!! I do everything while you fuck you newest boy toys every week!" I retaliated. Her eyes got wide and she grew very angry. Her face and ears turned red as she stomped over to me. She slapped me across the face very hard and I fell to the floor. She started to kick me and punch me. It was like she was getting rid of her built up anger. She picked me up and through me against wall. Holding me there, she punched me in my face,breaking my nose. After another 15 minutes, I fell to the floor, looking like a bloody mess. A pool of blood started to fill around me. Mom looked at me and her eyes filled with tears.

"J-Jade...I-I.." She ran upstairs and slammed her door. I looked around to find my phone by the coffee table. I moved with the little energy that I had towards my phone. Once I got my phone, I spit up some blood into my sweater and called Harry.

"Hello, love." He greeted me.
"H-Harry..." I breathed out.
"Jade? Are you okay? What's wrong, love?" He asked very worried.
"" I said in short breaths.
"Are you home?" He asked with keys rattling in the background.
"Yes..." I said.
"I'll be right there, love. Keep your eyes open for me. Please." He pleaded to me.
"I'll....try..." I said. 

I ended the call and I started to close my eyes. No, Jade! Keep your eyes open. For Harry! I can't. I can't hang on. I closed my eyes and blacked out.

Harry's POV

I got in my range rover and drove to Jade's house as fast as I could. I didn't care about speeding tickets or any of that shit, I just wanted to know if my love was all right. I reached her house to see her front door open. I got out and ran inside. My heart dropped at the scene in front of me. Jade, in a black hearted sweater and ripped jeans, was drenched in her blood. Her eyes are black, her nose looks broken, cuts and bruises everywhere. And the house was a mess.

"Jade!" I said, running to her. I picked her up gently and felt for a pulse. Barely, but it's there. I raced her to my car and drove her to the hospital. When we arrived, a nurse saw me and Jade and she raced over.

"Please help me! My girlfriend barely has a pulse!" I told her.

"Come with me, I think we have an available room." She said. I followed her, with Jade in my arms. She opened a door and it was empty. I gently set Jade down and doctors raced in to help her get her pulse back.

"Sir, I'm going to need you to step outside and wait in the waiting room." A nurse told me. I nodded and walked out to the waiting room and sat in a chair, with my head in my hand. 

"Please Jade. Please be okay. I can't lose you. I love you." 





A/N: What do you think? Comment! ~CookiesGoRawr. The co-author of this book

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