My Doctor (Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is your normal teenage girl. She is suffering from depression and self harm. Ever since she was a little girl. When her friend books her in for the doctor she doesn't know what she is in for.

Harry Styles is 21 years old and its his first year as a doctor. When Jade gets him as his doctor love starts to blossom more than anyone knows. Can they keep things behind closed doors? Read more and find out


4. Chapter 4

I was sitting on Harry's couch as he was going for a shower. I came here when he was about to go in and they say females are always late getting ready. Well they are wrong. Two minutes later. Harry walked down the stairs and smiled.

"Sorry love I just got back. My mum is in town. She's joining us for dinner" Harry said.

I nodded. "Its fine."

Harry smiled and pecked my lips. I buttoned his top up for him and did his tie. Making him smile. 

"Thank you babe how did you know how to do a tie?" Harry asked sitting next to me.

I looked at my fingers and played with them for a while. Harry tucked some of my hair behind me ear. "Before my dad past I would always see him do up ties and all that. He was a business man. He was the owner of HR Clements" I whispered.

Harry nodded. "You didn't have to tell me if you didn't want to. I know you miss your dad" Harry whispered.

"I know but if you want to get to know me more I have to open up" I said.

Harry nodded. We were about to kiss when the doorbell rang. 

"That will be my mum" He whispered and stood up.

What if she doesn't like me? Oh god this is bad this is very bad.

"Hi mum come on in" Harry said and moved out of the way. I saw a lovely lady step in.

"Harry your house is wonderful" She said. Her eyes traveled down to me.

"Hi" I waved softly.

Harry walked up to me. "She doesn't know your my patient" He whispered.

I nodded and hugged him. Harry wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm scared" I whispered.

"Love my mum will love you okay trust me please" Harry whispered and kissed my cheek.

I nodded and we pulled away.

"Mum this is my girlfriend Jade. Jade my mum Anne" Harry said.

"Nice to meet you Mrs Styles" I said.

Anne smiled and hugged me. We pulled back.

"You look lovely Jade. Harry picked well" Anne said.

I smiled. "Thank you" I said.

"We should eat" Harry said.


Harry's POV

After dinner mum and I where talking. Jade was asleep on the couch. I smiled as I saw her. She looked so cute.

"I'm proud of you Harry you found someone" Mum said.

I smiled.  "Thanks. She hasn't got that at home" I whispered. 

Mum nodded and kissed my cheek. "Tell Jade I said bye. Oh and I like her."

I smiled. "I will mum" I said and hugged her. Showing her out. 

"Bye sweetie"mum said and left. 

I waved as mum drove off. I shut the door and walked up to the couch and kneeled in front of Jade. I stroked her forehead and kissed her forehead.

"I love you" I whispered and put a blanket over her. I went to leave but Jade grabbed my hand. 

"Please sleep with me?" Jade asked.

I nodded and shifted Jade a little bit and laid next to her and cuddled up to her falling asleep.

***Sorry its shit I hope you enjoy. Please tell me what you think. Thank you****

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