My Doctor (Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is your normal teenage girl. She is suffering from depression and self harm. Ever since she was a little girl. When her friend books her in for the doctor she doesn't know what she is in for.

Harry Styles is 21 years old and its his first year as a doctor. When Jade gets him as his doctor love starts to blossom more than anyone knows. Can they keep things behind closed doors? Read more and find out


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2



Harry's POV

I walked through my apartment and laid on the couch. All day I couldn't get Jade out of my head. She is so beautiful. Her long curly purple hair. Smile. Eyes. Basically everything about her. But I shouldn't feel this way. She is my patient and one rule is we can't fall in love with patients. I sighed and checked my phone. 1 missed call. Mum. I returned the call.


"Mum" I said as she answered. 

"Harry I've been worried sick you haven't called for ages. Did you get to London alright?" Mum asked. 

"Yeah mum. I'm sorry. Work caught up with me. Thanks for being worried. How is everyone?" I asked. 

"Everyone's fine. Gemma is now in New York doing her major in publishing" Mum said. 

"That's good mum. How are you? I miss you" I asked. 

"I'm great baby boy. I miss you too. Maybe you can come visit sometime" Mum said. 

"Yeah I would love that. I can when I have my next day off. I love you mum" I said. 

"Love you too baby boy" Mum said.


We hung up. I smiled and placed my phone down. My step dad and I had a massive fight before I left. He didn't want me to become a therapy doctor. But I wanted to. He doesn't run my life. I snapped at him and said something mean. Mum was crying and telling us to stop. Robin my step dad slapped me across the face and told me to leave and never come back. I regret saying what I did. But he didn't have to be so cruel to me or mum. I love my mum more than anyone in the family. I also love Gemma. Gemma is my sister and best friend. Like my mum is and well Robin hates me.


Jade's POV

I made dinner for mum and I. I always do the cooking. I look at the tablets Dr Styles made me get. I put them away before mum came down. Mum can't know she would just make things worse.

"Mum dinner is ready" I yelled.

Mum came down the stairs with a new man. I turned away and rolled my eyes. I put the dinner onto three plates. Thanks for tell me mum I thought.

"Enjoy mum and new guy" I said and walked off with my plate. Dr Styles gave me his number. I heard my mum and her new boyfriend talking and laughed.

I felt alone so I called him. I don't know what it is but something makes me want to tell him everything I have been hiding up inside for too long.


"Hello Dr Styles speaking" His voice rang through my ears. 

"Dr Styles its me Jade" I said. 

"Jade what's wrong?" He asked concerned filled his voice. 

"I feel like cutting" I whispered. 

"Why Jade tell me why?" He asked. 

"My mum that's all" I said feeling tears stream down my face. 

"Jade don't do it. Please. Where are you?" He asked. 

"At home with mum and her new boyfriend" I whispered. 

I heard Dr Styles sigh. "Do you want to meet for coffee in about 20 minutes" He asked. 

"Yes please. I need someone to talk to. I have no one but you" I said. 

"Okay meet at Starbucks in 20 minutes" He said. 

"Thank you" I said. 

"No problem. See you there bye" He said. 

"Bye" I said and hung up wiping my tears away.


I grabbed what I needed and left the house. 15 minutes later I got to Starbucks and waited. I saw a black range rover pull up and Dr Styles step out. He saw me and smiled a little. Dr Styles locked his car and made his way over to me. We walked into star bucks and took a seat at the back.

"I'm sorry to call Dr Styles you where probably with a girlfriend or something" I whispered.

"Call me Harry and I don't have a girlfriend" Harry said.

The handsome doctor doesn't have a girlfriend. Who wouldn't date him.

"You want to tell me what happened to make you want to you know?" Harry asked whispering.

I told Harry everything. Its good he listened. I could feel tears building up in my eyes.

"Hey everyone has problems I know trust me" Harry whispered and wiped the tears away.

That's when mum walked in.

"Jade" She said and walked up.

"Mum" I said.

"You where supposed to pay the rent today but you didn't where were you?" Mum asked.

"I was looking for courses at this place downtown called courses for you" I said.

Mum nodded and put the bills on the table and walked out.

"Sorry" I whispered and went to move them away when Harry stopped me.

"She makes you pay for everything. Food. Rent. Bills" Harry said looking at them.

I nodded. "I'm used to it" I whispered.

Harry grabbed them.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Paying them for you. Wait does she know you went to see me today?" Harry asked.

I shook my head. "I couldn't tell her because she would think of me as a freak and make it worse for me" I said.

Harry nodded and opened up the bills. "So you pay all of these plus rent do you have a job?" Harry asked.

"Yes I do. I work on my uncles farm. I get paid 20 pounds an hour. I normally work 8-9 hours" I said.

Harry nodded. "So you get paid 900 pounds for the whole week" Harry said,

I nodded. "And it all goes on bills. rent and food" I said.

After a while I left to go home. Harry still wanted to pay them for me. I kept saying no but he took them. I got home and walked into my room shutting the door and falling asleep on the bed.

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