Forbidden Love

This movella is about a young, 13 year old girl named Dawn who is a huge directioner. Dawn meets 19 year old Harry Styles under peculiar circumstances. This is a story of how The Harry Styles fell in love with this mysterious, dark haired girl. They fought against what everybody thought and orders for them to be apart... Could they make this unlikely relationship work?


2. Shock

Harry's P.O.V

I was shocked to see a young girl being choked by a stranger. So of course I wasted no time in jumping off the stage and punching the guy in the face. I took her backstage and that was when i seriously realised how good looking she was.  I was just getting some water for her when she collapsed to the ground. i rushed for her and my hood fell back. the girl stared at me in shock and blacked out.

She was  breathtaking to look at. she had her black hair dyed light brown at the ends and brown eyes. Zayn walked in then, and noticed her.  Even he needed to take a step back. 

He raised his eyebrow at me questioningly and i quickly explained to him what had happened. Just then, the girl woke up. She blinked and sat up off my lap.

"Wait... What happened?" She asked. Her voice was so adorable.

"Well, you were choked by a random guy and blacked out." I explained, keeping the story short.

"No, i know i was choked," She said, her voice hoarse. "I mean after the blacking out bit."

"well, nothing much really. i just sat here and Zayn only just came in." I shrugged.

"Hi. I'm Zayn." Zayn turned red after his introduction. Zayn? Blushing? Whoa.. 

"Hi. I'm Dawn." Dawn mimicked Zayn. "Sorry, that was stupid." She murmured.

I laughed. "You want some water?" I offered.

"Yes, please." She replied, taking a deep breath.

I smiled at her reassuringly and got up.

Zayn took my place as I moved away. A little too close for my liking...

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