Lyrical Remedy

Hazel Belle has only one cure to her problems...her many many problems. Life is tough for her, everyone in her life only comes and goes. No one truly stays by her side, they all leave sooner or later. School is hell for her she wakes up every morning prepared to have the mocking words pelted at her one after the other like bullets to the core of her heart, but somehow things slowly start to brighten up for Hazel. Music is her lifeline. Music is her remedy. Music is her cure. Music is happiness. Music is her comforter, her one thing that can talk to her. The lyrics are the answer to her problems. The rhythm is the flow to her life and the solo parts are where life isolates you and leaves you to fight for yourself. Something she has needed to do a lot. Kale is her bully the shepherd of the flock of haters, but he has a reason, what is it? And will he ever recognize how much he is REALLY hurting Hazel?


7. The Past, The Incident, The Hate

Chapter 5

Kale's P.O.V.

I held her close in my arms trying my best to comfort her, and it seems the best way to do that was using music. I used music to communicate. To talk, to listen, to solve problems and to receive answers, I used to think only Pain_Escape was the same but apparently Hazel is the same. Pain_Escape was this beautiful, young girl who I met over a music site on the internet. She is a really close friends with me now, and she likes me for me, I'm her friend not because I'm 'popular' or because I have authority over certain people. She has a few personal issues and I really wish I could help her but at the moment I have to support Hazel. I never meant to make her life so chaotic, and I'm not sure if it's all because of me but I know I made an impact and haven't helped make things any better. I sit there stroking her hair nothing but music plays, the same song I played for Pain_Escape when she had troubles. The truth is I never had a problem with Hazel until that one day, that day where I lost him.


I was home alone today and tomorrow is my birthday, I'm turning fourteen. My parents and James, my older brother, have gone out to the 'shops' even though I already know they are throwing a surprise party because they do it every year, but I still act surprised anyway because they all seem to be pleased when I do. I'm sitting on the comfortable couch waiting for them to return and watching TV, but something catches my attention.

'BREAKING NEWS' I put the volume up and listen to what the reporter has to say this time,

"There was a car crash today on the highway consisting of two cars and a truck, the truck was well over the speed limit causing a collision with the first car when he lost control of the vehicle causing the car to take a sudden turn but only to hit the car in front. Due to the speed and impact two out of the seven passengers and drivers were said to be in severe conditions and the others seem to be left with bruises but are only mildly injured. The truck driver has been confirmed to be dead when he was thrown forward in his vehicle.' I couldn't help but feel sorrow for the parents of those families I mean, it wasn't even their fault or the victims fault it was the careless truck driver, but I just stood out of my chair and began walking over towards the kitchen when I stopped in my tracks.

'James Lee and Aubrey Belle are in Foardmax hospital at the moment but it was said that one had caused severe damage to their neck and the other has glass impaled into the heart as paramedics say.'

I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't hold the tears back anymore, as they stung in my eyes threatening to spill out. I looked back at the TV with blurry vision but I was able to make out a young girl, looking around my age, who was drowning herself in her tears, I finally heard the reporter speak,

'We are unable to get Hazel Belle to speak, she seems to be too shocked by the incident, her parents seem to be the ones who collided in the car in front. The car has serious damage with broken windows, torn tyres....'

I stopped listening from there, I didn't know who this Hazel Belle was but if James dies I am sure going to make her life a living hell. With that I walked back over to the couch not knowing where or how James was at this moment, I tried calling both my parent's phones but neither were answering, their phones must have been damaged in the car crash. I pulled a blanket over me and took a nap praying from deep within my heart that this was all a dream, he couldn't be hurt, what would I do without him?


I woke up with a really bad headache and looked at the time, my 'nap' had lasted for three hours. I quickly turned toward the TV but nine news had already finished, I got up from the couch with the blanket wrapped around me and went up to my room, kicking everything in my path. I opened the laptop and went to www., and there in big writing, as the main news headline was written 'James Lee and Aubrey Belle, the two young adults confirmed dead due to a car crash on the Highway.'

I felt the tears stream down my face but I quickly wiped them away. Challenge accepted I was officially going to make Hazel Belle wish she was never born, it was her careless parents' faults that James died and now I'm going after her.

*End of flashback*

Now that I had her crying in my arms I felt the tears gathering in my eyes.  Now that I had thought about it I was in tears, I tried to compose myself the whole day but today was James' death anniversary and seeing Hazel, one of the strongest people I know break down right in front of me, only made this tougher. I felt a single tear roll down my cheek and was about to wipe it away when I felt Hazel stroke her thumb along my cheek, I looked down at her eyes, tear stains on her face and her eyes, her beautiful emerald green eyes, they looked like glass from the crying. She looked at me in confusion "Why are you crying?..." she managed to ask in a whisper, I remembered my reason and felt the tears return to my eyes and slipping down my face and Hazel's thumb again wiped away the tears,

"James..." that's all I managed to say, before her hand froze and the tears were falling out of her eyes once again, sobbing so hard.

Hey ya'll what did you think about this chappie and the reason Kale had been hating on Hazel so much? I know this chapter is horrible and all but I've had school and exams. I'm so so sorry that this is such a late update, like I really apologize and those still reading the book thank you so much I truly appreciate it :) Comment and vote if possible, thank you all so much :)

Song -

Amnesia by Guy sebastian <33

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