Lyrical Remedy

Hazel Belle has only one cure to her problems...her many many problems. Life is tough for her, everyone in her life only comes and goes. No one truly stays by her side, they all leave sooner or later. School is hell for her she wakes up every morning prepared to have the mocking words pelted at her one after the other like bullets to the core of her heart, but somehow things slowly start to brighten up for Hazel. Music is her lifeline. Music is her remedy. Music is her cure. Music is happiness. Music is her comforter, her one thing that can talk to her. The lyrics are the answer to her problems. The rhythm is the flow to her life and the solo parts are where life isolates you and leaves you to fight for yourself. Something she has needed to do a lot. Kale is her bully the shepherd of the flock of haters, but he has a reason, what is it? And will he ever recognize how much he is REALLY hurting Hazel?


9. Soccer... Winner or Loser?

 Chapter 7

Hazel's POV

For the first time in a very long time. I was smiling from ear to ear. Kale was walking next to me and this was one of the few times we were talking to each other without shouting or screaming or insulting one another. Don't get me wrong I haven't forgotten all the pain he has put me through and all the times he has hurt me both physically and emotionally but I'm going to enjoy this moment while I can. After all it's not every day I smile like this. 

I was dying of laughter because Kale tripped over and practically face planted the ground. He looked up at me, raising his hand as if asking me to help him up, I just shook my head from side to side with a smirk plastered on my face.  He stood up and dusted himself off when a tall man looking about Kale's age walked over to us, because of instinct I instantly stood behind Kale and he gave me a look of confusion before the unknown figure spoke up. 


"Hey Kayo, don't forget we have soccer training this afternoon,"

"Yeah I know, we have to make it to finals no matter what, and what did I say about calling me Kayo?" Kale responded

The man let out a light chuckle before talking, "Yeah and we only have about two more training sessions before the big game" Kale just nodded 

"Anyway I gotta go back to class I don't get my classes off like you two" he looked at me and smiled so I returned it and smiled back. Since when do people smile at me? Wait since when do people even recognise my presence? The guy who was talking to Kale left to go back to class and Kale turned around to face me. 

"Why did you hide behind me?" He asked me. But to be honest I don't know why I hid behind him. I guess it's just because of the fact that most people don't stop In front of me unless it's to insult me or hurt me. 

" it's from instinct?" I replied hoping that he will just drop it,

"So I see you play soccer?" I said changing subject as fast as I could. 

"Yep, and I'm the captain too" he said with a wink. I rolled my eyes at his massive ego. 

"...I bet I could beat you" I murmured under my breath not expecting him to hear it 

"Is that a challenge?" He asked 

"What if it was?"

"Then I would accept it"

"Alright then, but we don't have a team Einstein" I said, stating out the obvious.

"Penalty shoot outs, Einstein"  

"I don't play defence let alone goalkeeper" 

"I guess you forfeit then, too scared to verse me aye? I would be too don't worry" okay, now I'm playing no matter what I don't forfeit. 

"Haza doesn't forfeit mate" I replied, 'Haza' was a nickname my friends made up for me and it's my soccer name too.

"Alright 'Haza' lets go then" he ruffled my hair and began to walk but I put my foot out and he tripped and fell to the ground. He looked up at me with a glare,

"Never, ever touch my hair, understood?" I smirked, but didn't even wait for an answer and walked away leaving him there in the hallway. He ran up to me and began to walk towards the field but I stopped in my tracks,

"I'm not playing like this, I have to go to my locker and get changed plus I need my soccer boots," he just gave me a nod,

"Top half of the field in five minutes?" I asked him,

"Yeah" I began to walk away before he said something,

"Oh and Haza...." I looked back at him waiting for him to continue

"Bring your A game cause your sure going to need it" I rolled my eyes and walked over to the locker rooms. I unlocked my locker with my name on it and pulled out my black and purple soccer jersey that said, 'Haza' in fancy writing on the back, number 7. I slipped it on with my black mini shorts that had a FC Barcelona sign in the bottom left corner. I strapped on my shin pads, pulled up my soccer socks and wore my Adidas soccer boots. My boots are a lilac colour that slowly mixes in with ebony and three white stripes along the back, they were a present from my parents last year and I have fallen in love with them since. I borrowed one of the schools goalkeeper gloves since I didn't have my own pair and walked out onto the field noticing Kale's already up at the field with a tight red shirt hugging his chests, allowing his well defined muscles to be shown, with loose black three quarter shorts and the rest of his soccer gear. I must say though he did look quite fine in that outfit.

I walked up to him and he looked me up and down and I suddenly felt very self conscious,

"So..." I began,

"I'm just letting you know I'm not going easy on you just because you're a girl, I don't show mercy, oh and... I don't lose"

"I don't expect you to go easy, don't underestimate me just cause I'm a girl, oh and the 'I don't lose' part, yea we will see about that"

He raised his eyebrows, not expecting me to reply like that but just smirked and walked over towards the goals standing in the middle,

"We each have five shots, the person to score the most goals in those five shots wins and if it ends up as a tie we keep going until someone misses and the other scores. Loser has to buy the other person an ice-cream." He yelled and I just nodded my head,

"Ready?" He shouted but still had that smirk plastered on his face,

"I was born ready, actually scratch that I was ready since I was moving through my mother's fallopian tube!" He let out a chuckle and crouched down into a position where he could save the ball.

"WAIT!!" I screamed, he stood up straight and furrowed his eyebrows. I ran towards my phone and played 'Postcard' by Bridgit Mendler, a song perfect for this moment.

"Now, I can whoop your ass" I ran back to my position, placed the ball about 15 metres away from the goals and stood back a bit for a run up. I looked at him one last time, before mentally finding the best spot to shoot. Without a second thought I was running up at the ball and it curved while it went through the air hitting the top right corner of the net. I slid down on the ground on my chest doing my celebration while screaming and hearing Kale grunt in the background, 1-0 my way.

Now it was my go to guard the goals, I crouched down in the same position he was in before and tried to cover as much space as possible. He stood back going for the run up before I saw his eyes flicker towards my left, I sprung up in that corner and managed to reach up and block the ball once he had shot it. He kicked the ground and I just stood there with his old smirk transferred onto my face. We went on like that for the next few shots and we only had one shot left. It was Kale's turn to shoot but by now the lunch bell had rung and a crowd was gathered around us. If I blocked this or Kale missed then I win the game. He looked towards me and had an unbelievable amount of focus now on the goal, his eyes shot from the ball to me and back, and within seconds he sprinted towards the ball and shot it with all his power. Do you know how in those movies the ball Is moving in the air but in slow motion? That's what it felt like. I threw myself to the direction the ball was going but with just my luck, the ball hit the post and bounced out. I won. The students cheered and I did my celebration once again, I stood up and dusted myself of while looking at Kale with a grin on my face,

"I'll have two scoops of vanilla ice-cream by the way" I commented before walking off with an applauding crowd and a Kale who had just lost. 'Postcard', the song was just ending too making it the perfect victory,

'What makes you think its boys only

No girls allowed

And there's no way

You can keep us out

You can bring us down'

There is no way you can ever bring us down.






Im so sorry i know this is a rubbish, horrible chapter but its just a filler because I haven't updated in a while, Some more very interesting things will happen soon dw :) Comment and vote if you can, Thanks all so much  :)


Postcard by Bridgit Mendler (Chapter reference)

Any cover that is done by Megan Nicole

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