Lyrical Remedy

Hazel Belle has only one cure to her problems...her many many problems. Life is tough for her, everyone in her life only comes and goes. No one truly stays by her side, they all leave sooner or later. School is hell for her she wakes up every morning prepared to have the mocking words pelted at her one after the other like bullets to the core of her heart, but somehow things slowly start to brighten up for Hazel. Music is her lifeline. Music is her remedy. Music is her cure. Music is happiness. Music is her comforter, her one thing that can talk to her. The lyrics are the answer to her problems. The rhythm is the flow to her life and the solo parts are where life isolates you and leaves you to fight for yourself. Something she has needed to do a lot. Kale is her bully the shepherd of the flock of haters, but he has a reason, what is it? And will he ever recognize how much he is REALLY hurting Hazel?


11. So much change, so fast!

~~Chapter 8
 Today was one of the greatest days I have had in a very long time, the weird thing is it was on Aubrey’s death anniversary but the even weirder thing is I spent it with Kale. After my little victory at the soccer match we agreed to meet after school so he could buy me my well-earned ice-cream. So I went to last period which was History and shockingly I wasn’t mocked or taunted, I even had the girls’ soccer team captain ask me to join the team!

History passed quickly and soon I had met up with Kale at the ice-cream parlor down the road. After he bought us each a two scoop vanilla ice-cream, we spoke for three hours straight about anything and everything. He apologized countless times about everything he has done to me over the past three years and how he never thought about how hard it could have been for me with losing Aubrey. We spoke about Aubrey and James for a while but soon after we spoke about us, our families, school, hobbies and even the food we liked. Although I did say I forgive him, (which I do) I will never forget what he did. He walked me home and once again apologized for everything, right after I walked through my house doors and closed them behind me I was jumping with joy. I ran upstairs and me being me, I started jumping up and down on my bed and blasted the music on full volume. Maybe just maybe that hell hole I call school will start clearing up for me, no more mocking or taunting, I might even make some friends. I logged onto and changed my status from 'life is hell' to 'life is peaking' and sent Livesformusic a message. He replied a few minutes after saying 'hey gorgeous, how has your day been?'

'Incredible, yours?' I replied with the smile still plastered on my face,

 'Thats great and yea quite splendid'

 'Thats good, what did you do all day?'

 'There was this girl at school who I had never meant to hurt, but I took her out for ice-cream after she won a bet, I apologized a lot but I'm still worried she is still upset at me, and I don't want that.' My mouth fell open from that last message he sent and I just read it over and over to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. I admit I did think earlier that, Livesformusic may actually be him but I didn't actually think too much into it. I recognised I forgot about replying when he texted me saying 


 'yea sorry, and that's good to hear but trust me she accepted your apology, you have nothing to worry about' I replied,

 'I hope so, but I'm still not sure...'

 'I am'

 'How do u know?' He asked

 'Kale was this girls name by any chance Hazel?'

 '...Yes...and how did you know my name is Kale?' I didn't know how to reply so all I did was send him a link to the song 'Welcome to my life', the one I played when he comforted me.
 It had been ten minutes and still no reply, so I started getting worried, what if he never wants to speak to me after realising that all those feelings and emotions and problems I told him were really me?  Or if things go back to how they were before...
 As my thoughts drifted I heard the little ding that notified me I received a message, I opened it expecting the worst but only seeing,

 'Hazel I'm so so sorry'
 I sent him 3 question marks back confusion taking over me, why was he sorry?

 'All those times we messaged and you told me how much you hated school, or that you hated the people at your school I felt so sorry for you and managed to build up my own hatred for those people at your school. This whole time that monster I hated for hurting you...was me.' My eyes were filled to the bring with tears, I didn't expect him to react this way or even care that much.

 'Kale it wasn't all your fault, everyone at school is like that, don't beat yourself up for it.' Was all I could reply with,

 'But I caused all this for you, I'm so sorry please forgive me.' Here we go again with the apologizing,

'Its okay! don't worry about it! We all make mistakes because we all feel different at the time, no one knows what the other is going through.'
 He simply sent me a smiley face, so I sent one back.

 'hey why don't I pick you up tomorrow for school and we can walk through the school gates together, that way we can show everyone that the teasing and taunting is over' he sent. I had never been happier, after reading 'the the teasing and taunting is over' I literally jumped for joy and starting squeeling like a girly girl who found her favourite shoes selling for half price. I ran back to the computer forgetting about him once again and saw he messaged me saying

 'We don't have to, I'm sorry it was a stupid thing of me to ask after all I did, I'm sorry.' I started shaking from there and typed full speed ahead!

 'No, no, no, sorry for the late reply, I would love that, are you sure that they wont change their opinion on you tho?...because your with me?...' I didn't want him ruining his reputation for someone like me.

 'No, don't think that, and I couldn't care less if they did, their opinion means nothing to me.'
 I was a happy chappy but I was supposed to finish my homework so unfortunately had to go,

 'hey, I'm so sorry but I have to go, stupid homework, I'll see you tomorrow at 8am?'

 'its okay, and sure bye beautiful ;) x' oh my gosh did he just call me beautiful?! I know I normally blush a bit, but my cheeks feel like they are on fire, probably because I know who it is now.

 'bye xx' is all I replied with.
 I had never been so happy, and it's so amazing how much can change in a few hours.

Hi all!!!!! firstly let me apologize soooo much cause of this late 3 months late update, I had put the book on hold but forgot to notify everyone, I don't think anyone is still reading this but I'm still gonna try keep updating! Ik not much happened in this chapter but the following chapters are going to be quite eventful, I stayed up till 5:30am writing this and haven't spell checked it so sorry for any errors, enjoy! :)

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