Who i am

A girl gets fostered by Harry and Anna. Very sad and a loving story


1. School

I walked into the class absolutely devastated. I put my bag beneath my desk and started to daydream. I couldn’t help thinking of that billing letter my mother got. I know I’ve never met her but that’s impossible! I bet the queen wouldn’t be able to pay that! It was $96 000 00! Becky pinched me and then Molly pulled my hair. “Ouch! I have feelings too you know, I’m a human being too! And anyway what do you want from me?” I yelled at them as I turned around 180 degrees to look at them. “We’re doing the register you stupid daydreamer miss called your name several times but you wouldn’t reply!” Molly yelled back. Becky and Molly are my enemies though they know my secret. I rolled my eyes and looked over at miss. “I’m so sorry miss. I am having school dinners please” I muttered though I never even meant my apology, The bell went off and it was time to go to my drama session. Everyone started packing but my books fell. “Every can enjoy there lunch and have fun. Not you Lianna.” Miss called. I looked back with watery eyes. I always get into trouble so this time I wouldn’t dare crying. “Isn’t that a surprise?” Becky whispered into my ears barging me. I secretly kicked her as she went out. I hate them. I really do. My name is Lianna by the way and I live all alone. I’m in 6th grade. “Miss you can’t get me into trouble. You really can’t. I need to tell you something” I said nearly in tears. That was it. I had to tell miss now. About me living all alone. About my lovely life.  “miss, umm, I live all alone. I’m an orphan.” I sobbed. I kept on crying harder, and harder. Miss was so surprised. She picked up her phone and called an orphanage center. “No! please miss. Don’t! I like living alone. It’s who I am!” I shouted. She wouldn’t listen to me. She ran over to me and hugged me as I cried on her shoulder. She cried to. “How long have you lived like this, I knew something was up. I’ve always cared about you did you know that?” she asked me. I just carried on crying on her shoulder. “For 6 years. I’m 10 now. I need to show you something and I also know something miss.” I sobbed. I pulled out the billing paper and said “I had a twin who had a miscarriage and a little brother who got murdered and my mum got raped which made her have me and she also died of cancer so I had two dads and my real dad who raped my mum died and my other dad commit suicide!” I cried. She cried so much. “I can’t leave you like this. I’m taking you to my house after school.” She said not giving me an option. I missed my whole drama session because of her. She called the orphanage care center and then I was there. 

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