irish love

this is my first story so please no hate


5. whaaat????

Kayles pov

"lets go to the carnival!!!!" louis shouted "yeah!" i shouted from upstairs. i walked downstairs and at the top of the stairs i saw niall. i grabbed his hand and walked downstairs with him. "Can some one tell me whats going on here" louis said and all the boys including susie, lexi and caitlin all nodded their heads "what? isnt it okay to hold my girlfriends hand?" niall said. when zayn saw that he ran out of the room crying. wait what? louis ran after him and started talking to him alone. 



Louis pov

"whats wrong mate. is everything alright?'' "yeah mate everything is peachy..   its just i-i-i-i like kayle alot." "well mate shes nialls now so just try to hold your feelings in, maybe talk to kayle it might help." 


he tied to clean himself up and took a deep breath. he walked out there like nothing happened. thats a man>


nialls pov

if zayn likes kayle im goona KILL him.

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