irish love

this is my first story so please no hate


4. kiss

"niall what happened. why are you crying" i asked "because i met all the girlfriends and it made me realize ive never had a girlfr-" i cut him of by smashing my lips onto his. i swear i saw fireworks i pulled away and said....


Nialls pov 

kayle cut me off by kissing me and i absolutely loved it she pulled away and said "ill be your girl-" she was cut off this time by louis running in screaming "NIALL HAS A GIRLFRIEND YAYYYYY!!!!!! now some one get me a carrot" i lent in and whispered in her ear "ignore him hes a crazy potato." she giggled making me melt on the inside. she is finally mine. 



Louis' pov *3 minutes earliar*

i was about to knock on the door when i heard niall talking "....ive never had a girlfri-" he was cut of by a long pause "ill be your girl-" "NIALL HAS A GIRLFRIEND YAYYYY now someone get me a carrot" then i ran to the kitchen to get a carrot.


a/n sorry its short 


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