The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


38. The Wanted.

*Zoe's POV*

We had just finished our Main coarses and were now waiting for our desert.

We were all silent. None of us were talking we were all just looking around making eye contact every once and awhile. This all changed when "Glad you came" by The Wanted started playing through the speakers.

"I hate this song." Both Harry and Ethan said at the same time.

"Really you hate The Wanted aswell?" Ethan made conversation with Harry.

"Yes. They are just show offs." Harry continued

Ethan and Harry continued talking about certain things. Almost all of it they had in common.

Sasha and I looked at each other in disbelief. Maybe this night was going to go better than expected.


We had finished desert and were all smiling and laughing at the end of the night. I checked the clock 9pm. "Guys I think I should go home now. God knows what's happened to the house with Renee incharge." I joked

"Yeh, I'm pretty sure I should get home soon, tomorrow all I'm doing is packing for our tour." Harry said his smile starting to fade.

I grabbed his hand and smiled at him, he smiled back

"Well we're off guys" I said standing up from the table causing everyone else to do the same. We exchanged hugs and handshakes and began walking outside. It was amazing the paps had stayed here for over 3 hours just to get more pictures of Harry and I together. Harry sighed in annoyance and grabbed my hand before attempting to drag me through the crowd like he had done before, earlier this evening. We heard all of the typical rumours being thrown at us like "Are you pregnant?" "Are you getting married?" "Are you having an affair". I don't know how I'm going to deal with all of this on my own.

We suffered all of the questions from the paps for about 5 minutes until we got into Harry's car. He backed out of the parking lot and we were finally alone in peace and quiet. "Are you ok?" Harry asked

"Yeh, I'm fine.... How do you deal with that daily?"

"I usually have four other boys to deal with it with me." He answers "You'll get used to it... When your movie gets more attention, you're going to be dealing with that 24/7" He tells me

"Wow, Thanks for making me feel better" I say sarcastically

He just smiled and continued driving. It began to become quiet and I took this opportunity to check my phone.

'Mum - 2 messages

Ethan - 1 message

Sasha - 1 message

Cat - 2 messages'

' From Mum : Hi honey, I just called the house and heard you were out with Sash and Eth. Hope you have/had a nice dinner and hopefully get to see you tomorrow :) x'

'To: Mum

Yep, had a great time and will try see you tomorrow :)'


'From: Ethan

Hi Zo Harry is pretty cool. Sorry for doubting u :)'

'To: Ethan

Yep, u should trust me more often.'


'From: Sasha

Hi! Ethan and Harry got along pretty well! YAY! Send Harry our good luck for his tour! :D Hopefully see you soon :)'

'To: Sasha

:D I'll tell him and yes. definitely :)'


'From: Cat

Hi Zo! See you and Harry just left having dinner with Ethan and Sash. This is perfect! I don't know how I didn't think of this! Chat soon babe!'

'Oh and Zo, I've planned with Harry's management the whole drop off at the airport. You are going to take Gemma and Anne with you and then you are going to have lunch at the airport before sending Harry away to his bandmates :D Gonna be perfect!'

I sighed, Harry looked at me.

"I know that look... Your management just arranged something for you didn't they?" Harry guesses

"Yep. Mine and your management have decided that I'm driving you, Your sister and your mum to the airport and we're all going to have lunch before sending you away." "Oh and Sash and Ethan say good luck for your tour." I Add on.

"Ok... Well then..." He says

"Harry?" I say

"Yeh Zo?"

"No... it's stupid" I say

"No, nothing you say is stupid"

"What's your policy on.. you know doing... it?" I say awkwardly

"Umm, Well I think that whenever you think it's the right time... it's the right time."

I nod "But I'll never pressure you into anything you don't want to do... ok?" He asks

"Thanks Harry, I say putting my hand on top of his.


When we arrived back at my house Harry got out of the car and waked me to the door.

"Thankyou for inviting me tonight!" Harry said

"My pleasure" I said ... we both went quiet. I bit my lip as Harry made eye contact. He leaned in and kissed me. Fireworks. I smiled...

"Bye Harry" I said closing the door. I continued smiling as I walked through to the living room. There lay everybody sprawled out on the couches sleeping. They were in the middle of  watching 'Finding Nemo'. I quietly took out my phone and took a photo of this cute moment before posting it to Instagram and captioning it " My lovelies fell asleep while watching Finding Nemo... Aww :) <3 " I put my phone down and took my brother and sister to their beds and tucked them in. I left Renee to sleep on the couch and then I went to bed.

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