The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


26. Starbucks and sight seeing

~Zoe's POV~

We all helped out collecting our things from  outside. Then we were heading back. When we were travelling we all of a sudden heard our phones go off at once. We had Cell Connection. So I quickly texted my Mum to say we'd be back tonight.  We didn't have wifi so I couldn't check my twitter or anything yet. We'd have to wait until we were at Starbucks. Which was still 30minutes away. It wasn't very long until we'd be there so we just chatted about  where the boys were going on tour. Turns out they are going EVERYWHERE! Even Japan! They were also going to LA with some other band called 5 seconds of summer. From what the boys say they sound pretty nice. Whe we got to Starbucks we all decided to go outside seeings as it was the Eifel tower right next to the Starbucks so we wanted to have a picnic. We got out and a swarm of fans surrounded us...

"Damn, how did they know where we were?" Harry says quietly

"The fandoms better than the FBI, They were bound to" I answer, he laughs and takes my hand.

Hundreds of girls behind us gasp but carry on trying to get our attention. Luckily Starbucks security came and stopped all of the girls from mobbing us.When we got inside we went to the counter and all ordered... it was weird I always got the same thing from Starbucks so today I decided I would try something different "Strawberry Cream Frap with a berry choc brownie please" I said. When our order was done and we had our food we slowly made it outside... We then got back in the caravan and decided we wouldn't go to the Eiffel Tower seeings as there were to many fans so we would just go home and when we got back we'd have some dinner and then we'd be dropped off.

When we were all inside we all went on our phones. I did aswell, as turned on my phone I saw My Mum had replied 'Yep honey, when you get home Dad and I will be doing auditions for the movie. Can't wait for you to tell me all about it! Oh and tell Sash I say hi!'

yep I was right she wouldn't be there. Oh well at least I'd have Sasha with me!

I then logged on to Twitter and saw I had gained over 2000 followers... What?! I then went through my interactions and saw all of these comments

'@itsmezoeeee are you and Harry going out?!'


'Bitch stay away from my Man!'

then there was the picture... of Harry and I kissing... Shit.

I think Harry and I saw it at the same time because we both looked up from our phones in shock "How did they get that photo?" He mouthed to me

"I don't know" I mouthed back

I kept scrolling and then I was really shocked.... This time it was a photo of two people kissing ... But this time it wasn't Harry and I... It was Niall and Sash...

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