The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


30. She's here...

I got up and woke up Renee before getting dressed in some black tights, a Nirvana white singlet which hung over the top of my tights. I then added some black Dr. Martins and a black carigan. I also grabbed some sunglasses. I left my hair out and only applied some mascara and lipgloss only. Before going down stairs with Renee to find Jesse and Gypsy watching cartoons in the living room.  It was now 12. I didn't like eating breakfast so I just sat and watched Spongebob with the kids until 12:30 when we left. When we arrived I saw that Ethan had come.. with Sasha... I wasn't dissapointed but I did kinda wish he didn't have to bring her everywhere... She wore black leggings with knee high leather boots. A designer Leather Jacket and a long red shirt which hung over the top of her thigh. Her long, bleached blonde hair layed perfectly in curls on her shoulder. And she being the person that she is was wearing a cake full of makeup, still she looked gorgeous .... Sometimes I think that she is just using Ethan for his money... She was sweet and innocent around my family and brother. But around me she showed her true colours. She was bossy and rude... well ok no she wasn't. I am lying. She is so perfectly nice and pretty... She was rich before dating my brother. So. I am just the jealous person. Anyways.

Gypsy ran off to her team and Renee and I went over to Ethan and Sasha.

"Hey you two!" Ethan greeted us

"Hi" I answered back giving him a hug then Sasha

"Uhh Sasha this is Zoe's friend Renee" Ethan introduced Sasha and Renee.

They shook hands and then we all turned to the field where Gypsy was playing on.

-1 hour later -

The game was over. Gypsy's team had won and Gypsy had gotten player of the day. So for celebration we decided to go to a cafe for lunch.


When we got to the cafe Gypsy and Jesse ran straight to all of the cakes and slices. I laughed and opened the door for Sasha, Ethan and Renee. Just before  was about to go inside with them I heard screaming behind me... not scared screaming... excited screaming. And before I knew it about 20 girls in 1D tops ran up to me begging for a picture and my autograph....

I didn't reject, I quickly took about 10 pictures and signed t-shirts and pictures.... Oce I was finished I went inside and sat down with my confused family

"What?" I asked

"Why were directioners asking for your autograph?" Ethan asked

"Umm because.. ummm, I uhhh" I stuttered

"Why?" He asked again

"Because I'm kinda dating Harry Styles.." I mumbled

"What?! When did this happen!?" He shouted being protective


........(To be cont.)

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