The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


1. Prolouge

Zoey was just an ordinary girl... She had a Mum and a Dad and a brother... She had a Dog (Scruffy) and a cat (Dora).  She had just finished high school and was happy. Then one day she went for a walk with her dog...


"Scruffy! Stop pulling the lead so much!" Scruffy didn't really care about what I had just said and continued to pull on the lead wanting to run and explore... Then I got a text...

From Ethan: Mum says you need to grab some milk on the way home :P

To Ethan: You know you could say please! But ok I will... :P

My brother was annoying but then again... all brothers are... " Come on Scruff! We need to get some milk!" But just like before he continued to not listen. I Started walking the way home listening to my ipod.. 'Wings' by Little Mix was on. I walked and stopped on the dairy remembering I had to get some milk... I quickly tied up Scruffy to a pole and went inside... I grabbed the blue top milk and some skittles, then walked to the counter to pay. "$10.60 please..." I now remembered why I didn't like shopping at a dairy... I gave the man 11 dollars "Keep the change." I said as I turned around. Then I noticed... Scruffy nor Scruffy's lead were where I had left them... I put my head up and saw the fuzz ball running up the street... "Shit" I said under my breathe. I didn't even think I dropped everything and ran, knowing that Mum would rather me come home without the milk rather than without the dog. I ran down the street and was slowly catching up to him when he turned a corner down another street "Scruffy STOP!" Again he ignored me, a raindrop hit my bare arm... "Scruffy... Stop!... NOW!" nothing... then he turned into someones open gate... He was in someones yard... Great. "Scruffy! Gotcha!" I looked up to see 5 boys staring at me like I had lost my marbles... They were obviously having a barbeque.. So that's why scruffy was running here. Of coarse. "Umm... Hello..." I said awkwardly.

"Uhhh... Hi." One said he had curly hair and looked familiar... I felt myself staring too long...

"Uhhh... Why are you in my back yard?" I came out of my trance

"My dog here decided to go for a run without me and she kinda led me here..."

*Crack* thunder had just struck and now it was pouring with rain. great. Just great. 

"Crap! We've gotta run home!" I looked down at Scruffy and was half way out of the gate when I felt  soft hands grabbing my arm... I looked up at him a confused look on my face...

"You can't expect me to make a pretty girl like you walk home alone in the cold rain!" He said with a smirk on his face... He looked so familiar. Where had I seen him before?

"I don't want to be any trouble..."

"Love, if it was any trouble I wouldn't have offered." I wanted to refuse but I just gave in... Those eyes could've made me melt... "Good, I just need to run and put some shoes on and grab my keys and then I'll drive you home!" With that he ran inside leaving me with 4 other boys I gave them an awkward smile

"So... what's your name?" One of them asked breaking the awkward silence


"Oooh that's nice!" another one said this one had an Irish accent

"haha so what are your names?"

"I'm Louis, and that's Niall, Liam and Zayn..."

"And I'm Harry." Curly had returned "Are you ready?"

"Yep!... Well it was nice meeting all of you... bye!"

"Bye Zoey!" They said in sync, and I giggled.

"So where do you live?" Harry asked me getting into the car

"Just come out of here and turn left then I'll point out my house."

"So you only live a couple of blocks away from me."

"Haha yep"

"Interesting..." he said smiling at me while turning onto my street...

"Oh this one just turn in here..." I pointed to my house and we parked outside "Well thankyou for the lift and sorry again for the unexpected visit..."

"It's ok... So,, I never quite got your name?"

"Zoey, and this is Scruffy!" I said holding up my dog...

"Haha... So... Maybe we should... Ummm maybe do this again sometime?" He was semi stuttering but he played it off quite well.

"Yes but maybe without the dog?"

"Haha so same time tomorrow my place?" Tomorrow... what was tomorrow? Saturday...Dammit!

"Umm I'm sorry I've got ice-skating with my's her birthday and I can't bail..."

"Oh.. ok" he sounded a little hurt/rejected

"But I'm free for Sunday!"

"Perfect! I'll pick you up at 12?"

"Perfect." I said getting out of the car.

"Umm, is it ok if I get your number?" He asked

We exchanged numbers and then he left and I went inside... Oh my gosh... the milk...



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