The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


22. Last Day...

Hey Guys! I am so sorry for not updating! I went to Australia! Oh and Also saw 1d! And 5sos! Hope you guys are enjoying the movella and sorry for the short sucky kinda chapters! Don't worry I have alot of drama coming up soon! ok on with the story!

Don't forget to check out my other movella ' But, I Love Him ' Thanks! xx Mwah



I woke up happy and smiling until I realized this was the last day before we drive back... I then saw Harry move so I pretended to sleep He woke up and went to the bathroom, I then sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked outside the window I saw Sasha just sitting by the water looking sad... I was about to go and ask what was wrong when I felt someone hug me around my waist. Harry. His chin rested in the crook of my neck. "Morning Love" he said

"Morning" I said sighing

"Are you ok?" Harry asked

"I'm ok, Just... Sash looks sad..."

"I noticed that aswell..." I then turned so that I was facing him, I looked into his green eyes

"Anyway... What are we doing today?"

"I'm not too sure, I'm pretty sure Louis' got something planned for us" He said leaning in for a kiss which I happily returned.


"Wow.. Sorry! Was I interrupting something!?" Louis said walking into the room.

"Nope..." Harry said glaring at Louis

"We were just wondering what we were doing today?" I stepped in changing the subject

"Well tomorrow we're leaving in the morning so... packing. But other than that just relaxing?"

He answered

" Cool" I said smiling

"Morning Guys!" Perrie said happily coming into the room along with Zayn and El

"Morning" We all said together

"Zo, Pez can you help me with breakfast?" Eleanor asked

"Sure thing El" Perrie said

"Yeh, that's fine" I answered

"Great! We need to use up all of the bacon left!"

"I'll help with that!" Niall called We all laughed and went to cook breakfast


*Sasha's POV*


Ever since Niall confirmed the 'Irish Scandal' I've gotta admit I've been sad... I mean I've seen the pictures on twitter but I thought it was photo shopped... She was so pretty! I really wished I could be his girlfriend... But I guess if he was happy... ugh who am I kidding I can't get over him! He was the definition of perfect! and Irish was so pretty! Ugh! I needed to go outside for some fresh air... I passed Harry and Zoe... And felt bad I can't let my feelings ruin their time.. Her dream had just come true and I don't want to come in between them! I went and sat by the water and just thought... Just about my life...

I remembered about when Zoe and I first met... We were so young! I was her buddy and had to show her around the school. We just used to sit around and talk everyday... On the phone... I remember when Zoe used to get bullied I used to stick up for her and vise versa... Those were the days... The days where I didn't have to put up with boys... to us they were just annoying alien things... I used to laugh at my older sisters getting boyfriends saying they were going to get cooties if they touched them!

I Then remember one day having the biggest crush on one of the boys... Josh Devine... He played drums! I remember Zoe coming up to me one day telling me he had a crush on me! I was so excited! He asked me out and I said yes... and then one day out of nowhere he told me he was moving to America... He gave me a 'J' necklace on the day he left with a note telling me one day we were going to meet again and he would never forget about me... And I never heard from him again...

I still have the necklace, And the note... I wonder what he's doing now... I wonder where he is right now... I wonder if he remembers me... I wonder...



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