The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


18. first night

*Zoe's POV*

When I got on the Caravan Harry's mood had seriously lightened and everyone was looking... excited!? Huh?

"Hi Zo, how was your Mum?" Harry asked

"She..was fine... Are you guys feeling ok?"

"Yep, never better" Sash said... now I knew something was wrong... I have known Sasha since we were about 5 I know when somethings up, or going on...

"ok...." I said and sat down to a really happy Harry... He put his arm around me... I started to relax again and we put on the radio... we couldn't get a clear connection... Damnit

"I have some cd's in my bag" Perrie told us "I'll go grab them" She went off and came back moments later with cd's "P!nk, 80's, Queen, Beatles or Spice girls?"

None of us said anything a few "I don't mind"s were said

"Ok then pick a number 1-5?"

"2" I said

"80's it is then"

Perrie put on the radio and we basically sang (Horribly) for 3hours until we finally reached the camping grounds... We parked by a bay/beach  where we were going to be staying for the next couple of days.  We all stretched and went outside to inspect the surroundings... It was so pretty and Harry being the boy that he is took out is phone and took a photo for instagram.  I peeked over his shoulder it was 6pm and the sun was setting... I went over to the girls who were all sitting in a circle in the sand... " Hey Zo!" They all chimed.

"What's going on?" I asked them, they all exchanged looks and turned back at me

"What do you mean?" El asked

"You guys and Harry have been acting really weird for the past couple of hours so out with it... whats going on?" They all looked at each other again

"You know we're best friends if there was ever something going on I would tell you, you know that.." Sasha said putting one hand on my shoulder

"Sash I have known you since we were children I know when you are lying or telling the truth..." She took her hand off my shoulder...

"Zo... trust me you will find out soon" she said I sighed and just gave in... I wasn't going to get it out of them tonight... oh well I might as well enjoy the night...

At 7pm the boys started a fire and we got out some food like smores, chips and dip and soda

we sat and talked until about 11pm and all of us were tired and wanted to sleep... The sleeping arrangements went Harry and I on the couches, Louis, El, Perrie, Zayn, Renee, Holly, Niall, Liam on the beds but of coarse some had to share... Anyway I went to sleep the same time as Harry and we heard whispers coming from the bedroom ( If you can call it that... it's really just a hallway with bunks... but then again there are no.."Rooms" on the caravan but still..)

"Harry and Zo would make a cute couple"

"Yeh, they would"

"They'll be together soon enough"

"You've got that right" then there was some laughter... Harry must have heard it aswell as he was even laughing himself...

The there was a "shhhh I think they can hear us.... Harry, Zo can you hear us"

"Yes... Yes we can" Harry said... this made me blush

"I told you" "Shhhhh, lets go to bed"

"Goodnight guys" Perrie said

"Goodnight" all of us said

I put my headphones on low volume and lay down... 'Magic' by B.O.B came on and I started to drift off ...

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