The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


7. Fergalicious Date

I rushed to open the door and when I did there he stood perfect... Harry Styles...

"Hi love..." He said, his accent was so amazing! I had a mini fangirl spasm in my head and then got back to reality...
"Hi..." I said semi quietly, I really must have liked him seeings as I am NEVER quiet!
"You ready for our... um... date?" Oh. My. Gosh.... He called it a date! Eeeeekkkkk!

"Yeh, Let me just quickly say goodbye and then we can go!"
"Ok" I walked into the kitchen to find Sash making herself something in the blender... I didn't really catch a glimpse of what she was making but I didn't ask...

"Ok I'm going... If you need anything just ring me on my cell..."

"Oh, I'm definitely going to call you...." What did she mean by that???

"Umm, I Would ask but I've gotta go!"
"Ok... Have fun on your date!" We both had a fangirl moment hugging each other jumping up and down. ( That was not supposed to sound dirty! :/ )

I got my purse and went to the door "Ready?"

"Yep..." He led me to his car and opened my door for me.
As I got in he shut the door, I put my seat belt on. Harry got in the car and started driving

"Where are we going?" I asked him

"Lunch then movies?"

"Sounds Perfect!" I smiled and he turned on the radio...

'I hate you, I really hate you so much I think it must be tr-ue Love-' It was P!nk - True Love ( Just happened to be one of my favorite songs...

"I love this song!" I said not really thinking before I said it...

"Really?" He asked


"I do too... I just didn't know you were into P!nk...."

"Well... Maybe over lunch we can get to know each other a bit more..." I smiled and so did he

"I would love that..." We continued to listen to the radio until we got out at a cafe. It was french "délicieux Café" I was fluent in french seeings as I had taken it for 5 years. The cafe meant; Delicious Cafe.  We got out of the car and went inside. Harry was a gentleman and held the door open for me. There wasn't a lot of people here which I guess was good considering he was Harry Styles... We went up to the counter and ordered. Harry got a chocolate milkshake and a berry croissant and I got the same.... We sat in the corner at a small table. Our food didn't take very long at all... And soon enough we were chatting and eating...
"So... Tell me about yourself Zoey...."
"There's not that much to tell... I was born in New York but only lived there for a little while then my Mum and Dad decided to move to South Africa, Then New Zealand, then Australia and now here......What about you?"

"Well I've pretty much lived here for my entire life really..." After that we went kinda quiet luckily Harry soon stepped in...

"How about we play 20 questions...You know, just to get to know each other better..."

"Yeh, okay you start.." He thought for a minute....

"Do you have  siblings?" He asked

"Yes, I have a younger brother Jesse, a younger sister Gypsy and an older brother Ethan, and two more on the way… you?"

"I have a sister Gemma, but that's it...... Your turn..." I thought for a bit...

"Any pets?"

"I have a cat, Molly, What about you?"

"I have two dogs Scruffy, who you've met and Tammy. Three cats Fluffy, Max and Niall, and 2 bunnies, Mork and Mindy"

"Wow you have a massive family...." I giggled and waited for him to ask me a question

"3 least favorite foods..."

"Celery, Marsh-mellows unless they're roasted and...Olives"

My turn - 4

"Hawaii or Paris?"

"Hawaii, I like tropical places like that.." -
"Me too!"

His turn... -5

"5 Favorite Movies?"

"Oz The Great And Powerful, Now You See Me, The Avengers, Cat In The Hat and... Love Actually..."

My turn - 6

"Favorite Actress?"

"Emma Watson" -  Mine too

His -7

" Favorite Actor"

"Johnny Depp"

Mine -8

"Favorite Take-out?"

" Italian" - Mine too!

His -9

"Where have you been around the world?"

"Ummm, New York, Miami, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, London, Paris, and well... here..."


Mine -10

"Dogs or Cats?"

"Cats but I like dogs!" - Same!

His - 11

"Played any sport?"

"Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Surfing and Basketball"

Mine -12

"Movie you want to see..."

"The Conjuring" - Me too!

His - 13

"Favorite Genre of Movies?"

"I like Rom/Com's, Horrors and Comedies"

Mine - 14

"When's your Birthday?"

"1 February..."

His - 15

"Whens yours?"

"16 December"

Mine- 16

"What are yo-"

'Fergalicious Definition make them boys go loco they want my treasures so they get their pleasures from my photos-' What the hell? That wasn't my original ringtone!  I quickly picked up the phone and saw it was Sasha! Of Course! She was looking guilty when she was playing on my phone I answered it "Hang on a second Sash..." I turned to Harry " This'll be a minute..."

"it's fine love" he said laughing about the whole situation

I went outside "You. Are. Dead... What The Hell Was That For!?" I harshly whispered

The line was nothing but laughing! "Do you seriously find this funny? Harry probably thinks I'm a complete weirdo now!" Still nothing but laughter "Sash I need to go soon, did you actually want something or did you just want to embarrass me?"

Still laughing she answered me "Haha- ok, hahaha, ok I was wondering.. haha when you'd be home?"

"Umm I'm not too sure I'll text you when I'm on my way... ok?"

"Yep! Ha-ha good luck with the rest of your date!" She hanged up... That little bitch! I should've known! Anyway I returned to Harry he'd calmed down from laughing. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! My friend Sasha decided it would be hilarious to change my ringtone for today..."

"This Sasha chick seams to be quite the character!"
"Yeh... You could say that...So where were we?"

"I think you were just about to ask me something like what's my...."

"Oh what's your favorite Holiday?" 

"Christmas or Easter..."

His - 17

"Favorite color?"


Mine - 18

"What's Yours?"


His - 19

"Your favorite song...?" He said quickly

" I quite like the one from Fifth Harmony"

Mine -20

Harry had just brought up the perfect opportunity for me to bring up One Direction...

"Why didn't you tell me about being in 1D?"

He was quiet for a bit

"I liked you when I saw you and I didn't want to sound vain or snobby about being famous and ruin my chances or anything..."

There was a silence... His answer was quite sweet in a way.

"I like you too...." I said without thinking.... We smiled at each other for about 5 seconds

"Are you ready to go?" He said in a chirpy tone

"Yep!" I said popping the 'p'

We got up and got into his car....

"So Zoe... what movie do you want to see?"

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