The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


12. Disneyland!

We got out a map and saw that Disneyland was only a 10 minute walk from where we were so I got changed into some shorts and a white singlet with

Donald Duck on it, a plain black cardigan and some black converse. I did my hair in a pony tail and grabbed my purse with my phone and some money in it.

When I was done we left and started walking. We noticed there were lots of diners and cafes on the way to Disney Land and decided on the way back that we were going to get dinner from one of them.

When we finally got to DL we were all super excited!  We had to wait in line for a bit but it was ok because it was Monday. It was still really busy though. “Hello, welcome to DisneyLa- Oh my gosh… you’re One Di-“

“Yes Love we are…” Louis stated

“Well, wow… umm how many tickets?”
“Well there are 9 of us so.. 2 family passes?”

“Sure… $550 thanks…” Louis swiped his card and we continued, when we stepped in we were in shock. It was MASSIVE! We walked around and found a map we decided we were going to do as many rides as we could! We firstly went to the rollercoaster. They weren’t very big so I wasn’t that scared. But then there it was. The Biggest, scariest ride I have ever seen. It was a five person ride. And Harry and I were shivering at this. It looked massive and all I could think was… what if? But soon it was going to be our turn. We decided that El, Perrie, Zayn, Louis and Liam were going to go first together and then Harry, Niall, Sash and I were going to go next as a four. We were the most scared.  The first group got on and did their seatbelts up. Then they waited and whoosh… off they went. They took about 3 minutes and then their ride ended. Our turn. I got up and sat between Harry and Renee, Niall sitting next to Renee. We did up our seatbelts and the inspector came and gave some guy thumbs up. We waited and the suspense grew.  Then the ride just took off… I fell back into my seat as we went in loops and went upside down… so much was going on… it was so fast as well and then we went up a very steep bit… At the top you stopped and all you could see was where you were going next… Down. It was steeper than what we had just traveled up I looked at Harry and he looked at me… I was terrified and so was he. I grabbed for his hand and he grabbed mine and then down we went! So quickly too. I felt like I was going to fly out of my seat! Then we went through a couple more loops and it was over… My Veins still filled with adrenaline… We slowly got out of the ride trying to regain balance… I held onto Harry to do this… he didn’t mind though. We caught up with the rest of the group and carried on through Disneyland… We got stopped quite a lot by fans, but they seemed really nice towards El and Perrie. Sash and I kinda stood away from the group when the boys were getting asked for photos.

 We took some photo’s with Minnie and Mickey, and when Donald showed up there were some comments about my top. We took a picture and by the end of about 30 rides it was 6:45pm and we were getting quite tired… “Guys do you reckon we should start heading?” Zayn asked

“One more ride?” Niall begged

“Fine! One more ride each then we leave?” Zayn reasoned with him…

“K, I’m going back to the scary one!” Niall said

“I’ll come” Sash said following Niall to the ride

“I think we’ll go with them” Louis said on behalf of El and him

“We’re going to the teacups” Zayn and Perrie said

“I’m going to join the others at the scary one” Liam said running off to find the others… Now it was just Harry and I left…

“Wanna go to that one?” Harry said pointing to the Mickey Mouse one… Harry and I had wanted to ride it but the others wanted something scarier… So I nodded and Harry and I went to the Mickey ride… There was barely a line because it was getting late, so we got on the ride… this one went high and around.  We got in and it started… It wasn’t very fast… but it was going… “It's probably an awkward time to say this but; Zoe, thanks for coming on this camping trip…” He said

“Thanks for inviting me… and Sasha”

“It’s fine… You know Niall likes Sash…”


“Yep, he told me after us four got off that scary ride…”

“She’ll be happy she likes him too…”

He smiled and I did too… It stayed quiet for a bit…

“You know Zoe, I really li-“

Then the ride stopped and everyone was waiting  just where we got off… No… I wanted to know what he was going to say!

“Guys hurry up we need to go and get something to eat!” Niall said as we got off the ride… What was Harry about to say? Was he about to say he liked me? I needed to know!... By the end of this trip I needed to know if he liked me! I just needed to…

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