The vampire and the human

Secrets aren't meant to last.


3. Chapter 2

Ashleigh's POV 

i wake up to a rough voice "she was touched by a demon, they have poisonous skin that-" I cut him off by laughing "y-you think demons are r-real" I say in between laughs "you sick bastard" I laugh falling off the couch still laughing "oh lord help me" the rough and husky voice says "your weird....what's ya name again? Horny or something?" I laugh "its Harry" 'Harry' says "okay whatever!" I say laughing. I walk outside and get pushed to the ground and black out. I wake up in a small room "AHH your awake darling!" A manly voice says "haven't I heard that voice before?" I ask myself "yes, yes you have Ashleigh!" The man says walking out of the shadows "huh! Dad?" I ask "yes sweetie you remember your old man huh?" Dad says "I thought you died?" I asked "I am" he says getting in my face showing his red devil eyes and white sharp teeth "what are you?" I ask scared to death "we'll a vampire!" He says "pfft!" I laugh "you can't be serious!" I say "oh but I am!" He says. A couple seconds later I feel myself weakening  soon I black out...again. This time I wake up inside my room. 

Harrys POV 

i could smell Ashleigh's blood. I follow her scent and find her completly drained in a chair in the middle of an arena. I quickly take her away and put her in her bed. She wasn't breathing. I asked Lou if I could change her. She said yes. I bit myself and put my wrist to her mouth and snapped her neck. I hope this works. 


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