The vampire and the human

Secrets aren't meant to last.


2. Chapter 1

Ashleigh's POV. 

I was doing practice on my dummy until I heard the door open to my bedroom "Morning sweetie!" Lou remarks happily "ATHWEIGH!!" Lux squels running in and giving my a hug "hello big girl!" I say letting go "Ashleigh, my clients are coming over you may stay in your room the whole time but they might come to you!" Lou says giggling "okay" I say starting to kick the dummy. We hear the doorbell ring "ill get that! See ya ash!" Lou and lux leave my room. I do a round house kick. Then a front kick, I do punchs and everything till the bag splits and drops. As sand goes everywhere I hear footsteps come up the stairs. And lots of them. I run to my door and lock it before they could open it. *knock knock knock*. "Ashleigh! I heard a loud thud! Are you okay?" Lou panics "yes I'm fine it was just the punching bag. I need a new one and a broom" I say giggling at what I've done "let me in now!" Lou bellows "yes ma'am" I say unlocking and opening the door "huh! Ashleigh! Did you do this?" Lou asks pointing to the bag on the ground "yes I did, a few punches and kicks and it went-" I was cut of quite rudely "hello we're-" "I don't care" I cut them off pushing through them to get a broom. I entered my room and accidently bumped into a curly haired boy. He was super cold an its summer! "Man your cold!" I say looking at him like he was a freak. He looked down. 

Harrys POV 

i could smell her blood. It smelt so pure and like a virgin. I could hear her heart beating so rhythmically, pumping her blood around. I just wanted to sink my fangs into her and turn her so we could together forever. But no. I would never do that!

Ashleigh's POV 

i sweeped up the sand and took the bag to the bins outside "LOU IM GOING FOR A RUN!" I yell "OKAY SWEETIE!" She replys. I start jogging and play my music. But i feel like someone's watching me. So I stop and turn around to see a small figure at the end if the street. I turn back around and same as the other end, I see another small figure. I get scared and run into and alley which was a dead end "hey, what's a pretty lady doing out here by herself!" A mans rough voice says "if i see a lady ill let her know not to walk around by herself" I say giggling on the inside for some reason unknown "oh we've got a cheeky one Mike!" The same man says nudging the other "oh im are you Mike Wizowzky?" I ask cheekily "no you fucking-" he comes at me but he stops 2 inches in front of me "I know how your gonna get it!" He throws and hand towards my face but I catch it and twist it behind his back "AHH!" He screams "let him go!" The other charges towards me thinking I'm vulnerable with 2. He thought wrong I kicked him in the crotch and grabbed his throat with my fee hand "still think it's best to mess with me?" I ask "no" they respond back "here's  the deal!" I start walking "you leave me alone. And I won't kill you" I say not really going to kill them "leave you alone" they both whimper. I let go "run alone now ladies!" I say following them. I go back to my house and enter "did you get into a fight?" Lou asks "yes" I say casually "with who?" She asks "people" i say "okay. Did you get hurt?" Lou asks "no" I say getting some juice "are they gone?" I ask this time "no" Lou says coming into the kitchen with the boys behind her "Dickheads"I mutter under my breathe "they will be staying for a few months" Lou says gulping scared "why are you scared she's just a-" I cut him off by grabbing his throat "no I'm not" I say "got it!" He says (only harry is a vampire) I let go and drink my juice "hey quiffy boy! I bet I could beat you at six pack. You look pretty buff" I say standing next to him poking his stomach "ouch" he says "your welcome" I say walking to Lou with a serious face "we need to talk" I say leading  her to the lounge room feeling nauseous and light headed "I need to lay down!" I say sitting on the couch "sweetie you don't look all that well!" Lou says before I black out. 

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